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NOUN   a decay time | decay times
decay timeAbfallzeit {f}
decay timeAbstiegszeit {f} [Hüllkurve]
decay time
Ausschwingzeit {f} [z. B. der Hüllkurve]
decay time
Abklingzeit {f}
decay time
Zerfallszeit {f}
pulse decay time
Impulsabklingzeit {f}
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  • The top quark is the only quark that has been directly observed due to its decay time being shorter than the hadronization time.
  • A much longer decay time is usually employed, so that the gain does not get boosted too quickly during the normal pauses in natural speech.
  • The commonly quoted parameters for phosphors are the wavelength of emission maximum (in nanometers, or alternatively color temperature in kelvins for white blends), the peak width (in nanometers at 50% of intensity), and decay time (in seconds).
  • Motion blur also depends on the decay time of the phosphors.
  • The post-decay time interval, beginning at day six after death and ending around day 15 after death, is greatly reduced from the average post-decay time, due to the high average temperature of this environment.
  • Those decay time constants are called "lifetimes."
  • Each radioactive isotope has a characteristic decay time period—the half-life—that is determined by the amount of time needed for half of a sample to decay.
  • The decay time and the spectra of this phosphorescence are temperature sensitive and offer two different methods to measure temperature.
  • The average timescale for conversion, including energy absorption and thermalization has been estimated to be in the order of 1 ps, which is much faster than the average decay time in photoluminescence.
  • Pierce undertook an analysis of the effects of amplifier damping factor on the decay time and frequency-dependent response variations of a closed-box, acoustic suspension loudspeaker system.
  • This technique uses a single-pulse laser beam to generate a photoacoustic signal in tissues and the decay time for the signal is measured.
  • Long-term memory is believed to have an infinite capacity and decay time.
  • In an "in vitro" study in fat thalamic slices amobarbital worked by activating GABAA receptors, which decreased input resistance, depressed burst and tonic firing, especially in ventrobasal and intralaminar neurons, while at the same time increasing burst duration and mean conductance at individual chloride channels; this increased both the amplitude and decay time of inhibitory postsynaptic currents.
  • It can be seen that the autocovariance function decays with a decay time (also called time constant) of [...].
  • These two factors, β and "DNF", are almost the same thing, but not quite; they differ in the case a rapid (faster than the decay time of the precursor atoms) change in the number of neutrons in the reactor.
  • In electronics, fall time (pulse decay time) [...] is the time taken for the amplitude of a pulse to decrease (fall) from a specified value (usually 90% of the peak value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot) to another specified value (usually 10% of the maximum value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot).
  • The first term on the right side of the carrier rate equation is the injected electrons rate (I/eV), the second term is the carrier depletion rate due to all recombination processes (described by the decay time [...]) and the third term is the carrier depletion due to stimulated recombination, which is proportional to the photon density and medium gain.
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