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NOUN   a decay width | decay widths
decay width
Zerfallsbreite {f}
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decay width
Zerfallsbreite {f}phys.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • It can be viewed as the reverse process of the decay of the meson into two photons and has been used for the measurement of the decay width of neutral mesons.
  • which inherits a very distinct narrow decay width in this model.
  • The upper limit for the annihilation cross section can also be used to find a limit for the decay width of a DM particle.
  • Just as all Standard Model mesons and baryons, except the proton, are unstable in isolation, all glueballs are predicted by the Standard Model to be unstable in isolation, with various QCD calculations predicting the total decay width (which is functionally related to half-life) for various glueball states.
  • However measurements of the decay width of the Z boson at the Large Electron–Positron Collider (LEP) exclude the existence of a light 4th "active" (i.e.
  • In order to get the correct decay width, one must have exactly three generations of quarks, and not four or more.
  • The rho mesons have a very short lifetime and their decay width is about [...] with the peculiar feature that the decay widths are not described by a Breit–Wigner form.
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