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VERB   to decay | decayed | decayed
decaying | decays
sth. decaysetw. verfällt
decays per minute <dpm, d.p.m.>
Zerfälle {pl} pro Minute
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Übersetzung für 'decays' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sth. decays
etw. verfällt

decays per minute <dpm, d.p.m.>
Zerfälle {pl} pro Minutebiochem.
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  • A number of experiments have been suggested to detect dibaryon decays and interactions. In the 1990s, several candidate dibaryon decays were observed but they were not confirmed.
  • 60Co decays by emitting an electron (beta decay) with a half-life of 5.272 years into an excited state of 60Ni, which then decays very fast to the ground state of 60Ni, via two gamma decays.
  • The best experimental tests of electric charge conservation are searches for particle decays that would be allowed if electric charge is not always conserved. No such decays have ever been seen.
  • It decays, via two beta decays, to 135Xe, the most powerful known neutron absorber, and the cause of the iodine pit phenomenon.
  • The produced isotopes of ununennium are expected to undergo two alpha decays to known isotopes of moscovium, 287Mc and 288Mc.
  • Nearly all (99.541%) of 242m1Am decays by internal conversion to 242Am and the remaining 0.459% by α-decay to 238Np. The latter subsequently decays to 238Pu and then to 234U.
  • Beyond the purely leptonic decays of pions, some structure-dependent radiative leptonic decays (that is, decay to the usual leptons plus a gamma ray) have also been observed.
  • The first beta decays are rapid and may release high energy beta particles or gamma radiation.
  • Zdesenko and his group have also contributed to searches for hypothetical decays beyond the Standard Model: decays of nucleons into invisible channels, decays of electron with non-conservation of the electric charge, charge-non-conserving β decays.
  • The Fermi decays (...) are often referred to as the "superallowed" decays while Gamow–Teller (...) decays are simple "allowed" decays.
  • The decay distributions of the electron in muon decays have been parameterised using the so-called Michel parameters.
  • These beams lead to 4.5 MHz of kaon decays in the fiducial region with a ration of ~6% for K+ decays per Hadron Flux.
  • They would primarily appear as particles in cascade decays (decays that happen in multiple steps) of heavier particles usually originating from colored supersymmetric particles such as squarks or gluinos.
  • The physical meaning of this is that the standing wave in the middle decays; the emitted waves newly emitted have therefore smaller amplitudes, so that their amplitude decays in time but grows with distance.
  • Large angle muons and positrons from kaon decays ([...] , [...] , [...]) are measured by detectors on the tunnel walls, while muons from pion decays (...) are monitored after the hadron dump at the end of the tunnel.
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