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decedent's estate
Nachlass {m}
distribution (of a decedent's estate)
Nachlassverteilung {f}
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  • "Property acquired from the decedent" under IRC § 1014(b) generally includes property acquired by "bequest, devise or inheritance", property the decedent gives to his or her estate, and certain revocable trusts.
  • The distribution of the property of an intestate decedent is the responsibility of the "administrator" (or "personal representative") of the estate: typically the administrator is chosen by the court having jurisdiction over the decedent's property, and is frequently (but not always) a person nominated by a majority of the decedent's heirs.
  • However, the extent to which decisions regarding the disposition of a decedent's remains (including funeral arrangements) can be controlled by the decedent while still alive vary from one jurisdiction to another.
  • The daughter preceded the decedent's brothers, and the daughters' offspring preceded the brothers.
  • Those who contest a will for lack of testamentary capacity must typically show that the decedent suffered from mental unsoundness that left them unable to remember family members or caused them to hold insane delusions about them.
  • In this case, the decedent executed a new will in 2005 in the hospital with severe pain and under the influence of a strong medication.
  • A dead man's statute, also known as a dead man act or dead man's rule, is a statute designed to prevent perjury in a civil case by prohibiting a witness who is an interested party from testifying about communications or transactions with a deceased person (a "decedent") against the decedent unless there is a waiver.
  • First, it prevents the decedent from effectively disinheriting the surviving spouse by either gifting away assets before death or by tying up assets in devices such as trusts or joint accounts that benefit third parties after the decedent's death.
  • If the decedent dies without a will, known as intestacy, with the exception of real properly located in another jurisdiction, the estate is distributed according to the laws of the jurisdiction where the decedent resided.
  • Over the years, numerous missing person reports from the National Capital Region were compared to the decedent's physical description, but no matches were found.
  • Tammany Parish, Louisiana in 2016 but the decedent was identified by the police in October 2022 as Kleanthis Konstantinidis after the decedent's severed foot was discovered in a different location.
  • This decedent had two known tattoos on opposite sides of his right forearm—both of which were moderately preserved and recognizable.
  • Because the decedent's body was found approximately 48 hours after her death, police were able to obtain her fingerprints and dental information.
  • The plaintiff brought a wrongful death action alleging that the defendant doctor negligently failed to diagnose the decedent's esophageal cancer.
  • The legitime is usually a statutory fraction of the decedent's gross estate and passes as joint property to the decedent's next-of-kin in equal undivided shares.
  • For estates larger than the current federally exempted amount, any estate tax due is paid by the executor, other person responsible for administering the estate, or the person in possession of the decedent's property.
  • A similar exception has been recognized for probate and decedent's estate litigation, which continues to hold for the primary cases; diversity jurisdiction does not exist to probate wills or administer decedent's estates directly.
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