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NOUN1   a deceit | deceits
NOUN2   deceit | -
SYNO deceit | deception | dissembling | ...
deceitBetrug {m}
deceitTäuschung {f} [Betrug, Irreführung]
deceitList {f}
deceitHinterlistigkeit {f}
deceitSchwindel {m}
deceitHinterlist {f}
deceitFalschheit {f}
deceitIrreführung {f}
deceitBetrügerei {f}
deceitTücke {f}
deceitabsichtliche Täuschung {f}
deceitdas Täuschen [an und für sich]
betrügerische Handlung {f}
deceit [misrepresentation]falsche Darstellung {f} [in Täuschungs­absicht]
2 Wörter
to practice deceit [Am.]täuschen
to practise deceit [Br.]täuschen
self-deceitSelbstbetrug {m}
self-deceitSelbsttäuschung {f}
wilful deceit [Br.]arglistige Täuschung {f}
willful deceit [Am.]arglistige Täuschung {f}
3 Wörter
full of deceit {adj} [postpos.]voll Falschheit [nachgestellt]
action in deceitBetrugsverfahren {n}
deceit of lapwings­
Schwarm {m} Kiebitze
spirit of deceit
Geist {m} der Lüge [Geist der Täuschung]
web of deceitLügengespinst {n}
5+ Wörter
in the event of deceit {adv}im Falle der Täuschung
to allege a web of deceitein Netz von Täuschungen unterstellen
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Circle of Deceit [also known as: Die Fälschung]
Die Fälschung [Volker Schlöndorff]
Web of Deceit [Glenn Meade]
Projekt Wintermond
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Are Shane and Kate going to be able to work together now Shane knows about her deceit?
  • Contributory negligence is no defence in an action for deceit. However proving deceit is far more difficult than proving negligence, because of the requirement for intention.
  • The Eastern Beringian vole, "Microtus deceitensis", has been named after Cape Deceit.
  • Undue influence is usually an act of dishonesty and/or deceit in a situation where one party realizes their power over the other and takes advantage of this.
  • When he wishes that which is good for him, he should get rid of the four faults—anger, pride, deceit and greed—which increase the evil.
  • "successful are schemes that use repeated feints and deceit".
  • The tort of deceit would have been established only if the misstatements had been fraudulently made.
  • It dealt with commercial privileges and states that for deceit by a Vlach of a Serb, a Bosnian court was to be conveyed.
  • Loki was fortunate in his deceit.
  • In 2017, Bangladesh National Board of Revenue accused the company of VAT deceit of BDT 0.9 Billion.
  • The genus name Apatemys likely derives from the Greek "apate" meaning “deceit” and "mys" meaning “mouse”.
  • Pagnol then quotes stories extracted from the "Memoirs" of Saint-Simon, depicting the King in all his deceit.
  • Joachim dedicated himself to religion in his youth when he "comprehended the deceit of the world".
  • Individuals high on the Machiavellianism trait have tendencies to engage in manipulation and deceit to gain self benefits for themselves.
  • Gi- a small ghost with a round body and several short, pointed limbs, whose combat style is deceit.
  • In Buddhist philosophy, [...] is invoked as one of twenty subsidiary unwholesome mental factors, responsible for deceit or concealment about the nature of things.
  • "The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life" (2011, Basic Books, [...]) by Robert Trivers is a book that examines the evolutionary explanations for deceit and self-deception.
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