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desert warfare
Wüstenkrieg {m}
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Übersetzung für 'desert warfare' von Englisch nach Deutsch

desert warfare
Wüstenkrieg {m}mil.
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  • Moved to the Desert Training Center in southern California in early 1944, continuing supplying reconnaissance training for Army units engaged in desert warfare training until April 1944 when the DTC was closed and the squadron was disbanded.
  • for successful modern desert warfare. Cunningham was relieved of command and Major General Neil Ritchie was put in his place.
  • Camel cavalry were a common element in desert warfare throughout history in the Middle East, due in part to the animal's high level of adaptability.
  • The company was instrumental in training Marines in desert warfare as they rotated in and out of the live-fire desert training area, a key to the Marine Corp's success in the 1991 Gulf War.
  • Like the LRDG, they are specialists in using vehicles, trained in an advanced level of motor mechanics to fix any problem with their vehicles, and are experts in desert warfare.
  • Factory workers assembling the vehicles had been told they were producing "mobile water tanks" for desert warfare in Mesopotamia.
  • The Persians, who had only one generation before conquered Egypt and Asia Minor, lost decisive battles when nimble, lightly armed Arabs accustomed to skirmishes and desert warfare attacked them.
  • The nature of major military operations in the Middle East and Central Asia saw the need to put an emphasis upon desert warfare and urban warfare training in both the conventional and the unconventional warfare models.
  • Army forces in mechanized desert warfare following a Soviet-era style threat until June 2002, when the OPFOR and the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment changed to portraying an urban/asymmetrical warfare style of combat U.S.
  • The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces are large, expensive and well-trained with extensive experience in counter-insurgency, desert warfare and combined air-land operations.
  • Deployed to Southern California in early 1943 to the Desert Warfare Center, trained in light bombing while supporting Army maneuvers in the Mojave Desert until October.
  • In May 2006, Echo Company of 2/24 participated in Operation Noble Shirley in Israel by conducting desert warfare and joint counter-terrorism training with the Israeli Defense Forces [...].
  • Finally, [...] south of the port was the largest airfield in eastern Libya. This was significant due to the importance of air power in desert warfare.
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