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VERB   to deserve | deserved | deserved
deserving | deserves
SYNO to deserve | to merit
to deserve sth.etw.Akk. verdienen [Strafe, Anerkennung etc.]
2 Wörter
to deserve acknowledgementAnerkennung verdienen
to deserve considerationder Überlegung bedürfen [geh.]
to deserve creditAnerkennung verdienen
to deserve punishmentStrafe verdienen
3 Wörter
You deserve better.Du verdienst (etwas / was) Besseres.
to deserve a breakeine Pause verdient haben
to deserve a rewardeine Belohnung verdienen
to deserve closer attentionnäheres Hinsehen verdienen
to deserve closer attentionnähere Aufmerksamkeit verdienen
4 Wörter
to deserve (to be thrashed) (verprügelt) gehören [südd.] [schweiz.] [österr.]
to deserve to be hatedes verdienen, gehasst zu werden
5+ Wörter
You deserve a box round the ears! [coll.]Du gehörst geohrfeigt! [ugs.]
You deserve better (than this).Du hast etwas / was Besseres verdient.
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
What Have I Done to Deserve This? [Pedro Almodóvar]
Womit hab' ich das verdient?
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Those that survived and completed the 93 Hobart deserve mention.
  • The structural rules deserve some additional discussion.
  • Holiday recipes deserve a dedicated section because of their variety and richness.
  • The English words "deserve" and "desert" derive from the Old French "deservir" (modern French: "desservir"), which has the same meaning.
  • As they deserve Apollo's quill (not mine).
  • Go where it doth deserve.
  • The cathedral and the bishopric see also deserve a visit.
  • hese families deserve answers and really the entire city and our country deserve answers", Gioia stated.
  • The last three poets on this list deserve further comment.
  • The consequentialist position argues that equal fault need not deserve equal blame, as blame should depend on the consequences.
  • Kagan also explored desert, the concept of what people deserve, in his 2012 book "The Geometry of Desert."
  • "New Yorkers deserve the truth and House Republicans deserve an opportunity to govern without this distraction", LaLota said.
  • You deserve the pride and honour.
  • Revolutionaries were tried in Aleppo, where The family of Ayyash Al-Haj appointed lawyer Fathallah Al-Saqqal to defend her, The court heard (officer Bono) head of the French intelligence in Deir Ezzor, who said: If each of the criminals, who committed this terrible offense deserve dying once, the gang leader Mohammed Al-Ayyash is deserve hanging twice.
  • A section with films that are distributed widely in cinemas and deserve watching.
  • The species name "emeritus" is from latin meaning 'to deserve' or merit.
  • In response to Combs's denial of the claims, Kading said on the "All-out-Attack-Podcast" with Harry Robinson that Combs needs to "let the people have what they deserve, and what they deserve is the truth".
  • He even ordered leaflets to be dropped, saying: "You have beheaded one of our airmen, infringing all human and international laws, under which prisoners are sacred and deserve respect.
  • Anyone who blames Mexicans, Blacks and Muslims for the misfortunes of your country is deceiving you. They don’t deserve you, and they sure as hell don’t deserve your support.
  • Joseph Farcot may deserve equal credit for the feedback concept, with several patents between 1862 and 1868.
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