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VERB   to deserve | deserved | deserved
deserving | deserves
sb. deserves sth.jd. verdient etw.Akk. [Lob, Strafe etc.]
sb. deserves sth.etw. gebührt jdm. [geh.]
sb. deserves [e.g.: ... to be promoted / to get paid / to be punished]
jd. gehört ... [z. B. ... befördert / bezahlt / bestraft zu werden] [ugs. auch verkürzt: jd. gehört befördert / bezahlt / bestraft]
sb. deserves sth. [undesirable]
jdm. gehört etw. [gebührt] [österr.] [südd.] [schweiz.]
sb. deserves sth.etw. steht jdm. zu
2 Wörter
because sb. deserves sth.weil etw. jdm. zusteht
sb. deserves creditjdm. gebührt Anerkennung
sb. deserves respectjdm. gebührt Achtung
3 Wörter
sb. deserves to get sth. [e.g. good weather, good marks] jd. verdient etw.Akk. [z. B. gutes Wetter, gute Noten]
sb. deserves to get sth. [e.g. good weather, good marks] jd. hat etw.Akk. verdient [z. B. gutes Wetter, gute Noten]
4 Wörter
He deserves your confidence.Er verdient Ihr Vertrauen.
sb. deserves to be hangedjd. ist reif für den Galgen [Redewendung]
to get what one deserves [just punishment]seine gerechte Strafe erhalten
5+ Wörter
One good turn deserves another.
Eine Hand wäscht die andere.
to enjoy the status one deservesden Stellenwert bekommen, der einem zusteht
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The second condition deserves some considerations by itself.
  • The artist died in 1659, leaving a significant work that deserves far more commend than it received.
  • The poem is so much less than what she deserves that it appears blackened and ruinous beside her.
  • J: This game is now history and it deserves its own page...
  • Wilson added that "Sanin" deserves more study in English.
  • If material is shown to the Central Government that the Institution deserves to be included in the Schedule (institutes which are excluded from reservations) of The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006 (No.
  • Who, like Khosrow (Anoushirvan) and Shapur and Hormozan, deserves praise and strain!
  • Jitendra Joshi deserves kudos for underplaying his role while Ajinkya Deo passes muster as the Khandoba.
  • It was treated as a subspecies of "Polygonia egea", but DNA analysis concluded it deserves species status.
  • com calling the show "very clever and entertaining" with "fresh ideas" while Blouin ArtInfo called the series "gutsy satire that deserves more attention" and praised Woods' performance in particular saying "Woods deserves a bigger stage".
  • This determines how many of all seats each party deserves due to the total of all their votes (that is the sum of the votes for all regional lists of that party).
  • Gold panning deserves special attention, because even today it is practiced as a sport with several different championships.
  • La Pobla de Massaluca produces olive oil. The local wine also deserves special mention.
  • Thomas Kenny also deserves an honourable mention for his contribution to the club.
  • The "Why Mom Deserves a Diamond" contest is an American essay contest founded by Michael "Diamond Mike" Watson in Costa Mesa, California in 1993.
  • 2. Buk6 gaai1 (...) - Sound like the English words “Poor Guy”; Villain or someone deserves to die.
  • Bourseul deserves the credit of being perhaps the first to devise an electric telephone and try to make it; but Reis deserves the honor of first realising the idea as a device to transmit and receive sounds electrically.
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