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NOUN   desired behavior | [scient. usage] desired behaviors
desired behavior [Am.]
Wunschverhalten {n} [erwünschtes / gewünschtes Verhalten]
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Übersetzung für 'desired behavior' von Englisch nach Deutsch

desired behavior [Am.]
Wunschverhalten {n} [erwünschtes / gewünschtes Verhalten]educ.tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • While in simple cases copying can be done by allocating a new, uninitialized object and copying all fields (attributes) from the original object, in more complex cases this does not result in desired behavior.
  • Although the languages and tools have evolved, this general approach of specifying the desired behavior in a textual programming language and letting the tools derive the detailed physical design remains the basis of digital IC design today.
  • Effective strategies involve working with a child to support developing self-control such as modeling a desired behavior rather than demanding it.
  • Praise is used in the classroom to encourage and support the occurrence of a desired behavior.
  • Without a reward that is meaningful, providing delayed or immediate gratification serves little purpose, as the reward is not a strong reinforcer of the desired behavior.
  • As an additional extension, mimicry-driven systems can be framed as agents who are optimizing a "goal function" based on how closely the IA succeeds in mimicking the desired behavior.
  • Shaping involves gradually modifying the existing behavior into the desired behavior.
  • Models can be used to represent the desired behavior of a system under test (SUT), or to represent testing strategies and a test environment.
  • There are a few situations when this is desired behavior.
  • Common extrinsic motivations are rewards (for example money or grades) for showing the desired behavior, and the threat of punishment following misbehavior.
  • The term "clicker" comes from a small metal cricket noisemaker adapted from a child's toy that the trainer uses to precisely mark the desired behavior.
  • For example, the specification may only state desired behavior of the target hardware.
  • Businesses shape the perceptions of the public in order to get the desired behavior and purchase patterns from consumers.
  • Sometimes, a combination of the two kinds of systems is required to obtain the desired behavior.
  • Interpreters interpret the program on the fly to produce the desired behavior.
  • Borrowing from agile software development the "desired behavior" in this case consists of the requirements set by the business — that is, the desired behavior that has business value for whatever entity commissioned the software unit under construction.
  • Overuse of negative reinforcement in any training method to increase rates of desired behaviors can produce anxiety and stress in the horse until the aversive stimulus or "pressure" is released.
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