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VERB   to detune | detuned | detuned
detuning | detunes
to detune sth.
etw. verstimmen
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Übersetzung für 'detune' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to detune sth.
etw. verstimmenmus.tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Hall detuned the WAA race engine to 185 bhp by reducing the port diameters and a more restrictive fuel injection and induction was substituted for the race items to complete the detune.
  • Unlike OSC1, the second oscillator provides fine detune and coarse detune +-24 steps, and keyboard tracking may be disengaged.
  • Further customizations include a Full Contact Hardware bridge and a Hipshot Xtender tuning key that will detune the E string down to a D at the flip of a lever.
  • It is possible to emulate the unstable tuning of analogue synthesizers by setting a random source to modulate the pitch and detune of one or more oscillators, so that every time a note is played, its tuning will be very subtly different.
  • As the equipment warmed up, some of the oscillators began to detune (they were highly temperature-sensitive), which was responsible for some of the changes in the music towards the end of the piece.
  • A vibrato bar enables the guitarist to completely detune the instrument and pull it back on the fly.
  • Greenwood used a computer-controlled mechanical piano, and for scoring it he bought a piano tuning wrench, as he could detune the strings while playing.
  • Some players, such as Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood, feel that the floating bridge has an excessive propensity to detune guitars.
  • Teams can also make minute adjustments prior to the race in order to slightly detune the engine to a more fuel efficient setting.
  • It can either blend between the two or four sound elements or detune them against each other.
  • It was not possible to detune the two patches in a tone mix stack; this could be somewhat worked around, however, by giving each of the two patches a different vibrato rate.
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