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NOUN   a detuning | detunings
VERB   to detune | detuned | detuned
detuning | detunes
Verstimmung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'detuning' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Verstimmung {f}mus.tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • By detuning a laser beam to a frequency less than the resonant frequency (also known as red detuning), laser light is only absorbed if the light is frequency up-shifted by the Doppler effect, which occurs whenever the atom is moving towards the laser source.
  • • M: Oscillator detuning.
  • To create the music for "The Last Remnant", Sekito utilized his guitar collection for different tracks and used different guitar sounds and techniques including detuning and delay effects on the album.
  • If the atoms are precooled with Doppler cooling, the laser intensity must be lowered and the detuning increased for PG cooling to be achieved.
  • Each key has a separate oscillator, which allows detuning between notes to thicken the sound.
  • This detuning of the start and stop signal from the clock pulses is called quantization error.
  • The JX-3P had two distinct DCOs with detuning and several cross-modulation modes, as opposed to the single DCO with sub-oscillator design of the Juno line.
  • The optical spring effect also depends on the detuning. It can be observed for high levels of detuning (...) and its strength varies with detuning and the laser drive.
  • 6 L (400 cid) V8 engine got a slight detuning for better fuel economy, while the 7.5 L V8 soldiered on for one more year.
  • This sound was achieved in part by detuning and layering multiple MIDI keyboards as opposed to recording a live orchestra.
  • POKEY's sound is distinctive: when the four channels are used independently, there is noticeable detuning of parts of the 12-tone equal temperament scale, due to lack of pitch accuracy.
  • In optical physics, laser detuning is the tuning of a laser to a frequency that is slightly off from a quantum system's resonant frequency.
  • The ROM tags overcome some of the problems traditional RFID tags suffer when near metal, such as detuning and reflecting of the RFID signal, which can cause poor tag read range, phantom reads, or no read signal at all.
  • transitions, divided by the detuning from the intermediate state [...].
  • In 1981, Honda repositioned the CBX into the sport touring category with the CBX-B, detuning the engine to [...] and adding Pro-Link monoshock rear suspension, air-adjustable 39 mm front forks, a fairing and optional panniers with a stronger frame to support these additions.
  • Obviously, [...] due to the initial condition. The frequency [...] is called the generalised Rabi frequency, [...] is called the Rabi frequency, and [...] is called the detuning.
  • This plot of quantum oscillations of atomic inversion—for quadratic scaled detuning parameter [...] , where [...] is the detuning parameter—was built on the basis of formulas obtained by A.A.
  • We define [...] and write the detuning from each motional mode as [...].
  • the effective detuning is [...] and the counter-rotating field adds a driving component perpendicular to the detuning, with equal amplitude [...].
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