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NOUN   dichlorvos | -
dichlorvos <DDVP>
Dichlorvos {n}
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dichlorvos <DDVP>
Dichlorvos {n}chem.
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  • Metrifonate (INN) or trichlorfon (USAN) is an irreversible organophosphate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. It is a prodrug which is activated non-enzymatically into the active agent dichlorvos.
  • People can be exposed to dichlorvos in the workplace by breathing it in, skin absorption, swallowing it, and eye contact.
  • For example, chronic exposure to low levels of dichlorvos, an organophosphate used as a pesticide, has been shown to cause liver dysfunction.
  • In May 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviewed the use of dichlorvos and proposed its continued sale, despite concerns over its safety and considerable evidence suggesting it is carcinogenic and harmful to the brain and nervous system, especially in children.
  • Adults and grubs are pests on variety of agricultural crops and ornamentals Adults show slight resistance to some common insecticides such as endosulfan, dichlorvos, carbaryl, chlorpyrifos.
  • Products have included dichlorvos (DDVP), metam sodium, mevinphos, pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB) and terbufos.
  • The long term (chronic) exposure assessment showed that the estimated exposure did not exceed the acceptable daily intake values (ADI) for any of the tested pesticides except for dichlorvos, which is not allowed to be used as a pesticide in the EU.
  • The most efficient way known to avoid the infection of Gasterophilus is by parasitizing the animals with products like trichlorphon and dichlorvos, by using hot water to scrub the areas where the eggs are laid to kill the larvae, and by cleaning the areas where the feces of the infected animal had been in order to avoid the adult formation.
  • A botfly, Botflies can be controlled with several types of dewormers, including dichlorvos, ivermectin, and trichlorfon.
  • The hams were soaked in the pesticide dichlorvos, which is a volatile organophosphate insecticide used for fumigation.
  • EPA classifies naled as Group E or non-carcinogenic for humans. Neither naled nor its metabolite, dichlorvos, build up in breast milk or breast tissue.
  • The hams were soaked in the pesticide dichlorvos, which is a volatile organophosphate insecticide used for fumigation.
  • In the United States, fly sprays often contain the powerful insect toxin dichlorvos which is often targeted by environmental groups as a carcinogenic compound.
  • rotundata" for pollination, such methods as dichlorvos pest strips and ultraviolet lamps placed above liquid traps are effective in killing parasitoids, but not harming "M.
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