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NOUN   dichogamy | -
Dichogamie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'dichogamy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Dichogamie {f}biol.
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  • He also observed dichogamy, both protogyny and protandry, and pointed out that these phenomena helped prevent self-pollination.
  • Some species may have evolved synchronized dichogamy as a mechanism to prevent self pollination.
  • The species is only partially able to self-pollinate because of dichogamy in its flowering.
  • "Clerodendrum" and its relatives have an unusual pollination syndrome which avoids self-pollination. This mating system combines dichogamy and herkogamy.
  • Always interested in plant breeding, Bolotov discovered dichogamy of apple-trees and pointed out to the advantages of cross-pollination.
  • It is contrasted with separation of sexes among individuals (dioecy), and their various modes of spatial (herkogamy) and temporally (dichogamy) separation.
  • For example, dichogamy, which is the temporal differentiation in the ripening of sexual organs, is common in monocots with both protogynous and protoandrous flowers.
  • This altered timing mechanism or dichogamy was principally expressed by protogyny or the early maturation of the female parts and only rarely by protandry or the early maturation of the male parts.
  • In the context of the plant sexuality of flowering plants (angiosperms), there are two forms of dichogamy: "protogyny"—female function precedes male function—and "protandry"—male function precedes female function.
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