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VERB   to die down | died down | died down
dying down | dies down
SYNO to die back | to die down
to die downersterben [geh.]
to die downerlöschen [Lärm, Musik]
to die down abebben [an Intensität verlieren, sich abschwächen]
to die down [applause, wind, etc.] sichAkk. legen [weniger / schwächer werden: Applaus, Wind etc.]
to die down [excitement]abklingen
to die down [fire]verglühen [Feuer]
to die down [fire]herunterbrennen [Feuer]
to die down [flames]kleiner werden
to die down [noise]leiser werden
to die down [of music, noise]verwehen [leiser, schwächer werden]
to die down [quarrel, protest, noise]schwächer werden
to die down [storm, wind]nachlassen
to die down [wind, applause]abflauen
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  • These separatist tensions did not completely die down until the 1870s when Prime Minister John Molteno restructured the Cape administration to meet the major eastern concerns and, in the Constitutional Amendment Bill of 1873, abolished the last formal distinctions.
  • The thicker the summer canopy, the more the competitive ground-cover is suppressed, encouraging a dense carpet of bluebells, whose leaves mature and die down by early summer.
  • The leaves are produced in the autumn or early spring in warm climates depending on the onset of rain and eventually die down by late spring.
  • However, he would soon discover that the controversy would not die down.
  • Propagation is either by seed in autumn or by division of bulbs when the leaves die down in summer.
  • Most fumaroles die down within a few days or weeks of the end of an eruption, but a few are persistent, lasting for decades or longer.
  • They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night, but sometimes meltemi winds last for days without a break.
  • Although the masks were widely believed to be only a fad, which would presumably die down as the public attention on Watergate waned and once Nixon left office, the masks managed to outlive their presumed fad status by becoming popular during events such as Halloween and adult masquerade parties.
  • A few, however, thought the marches were harmless and that the marchers' enthusiasm would die down on its own if they were left unmolested.
  • Rivalry between the "Review" and the "American" began to die down during the ensuing years as the staffs of the respective papers changed and the editorial positions of both papers began to converge.
  • Seymour had to wait for the rousing cheers to die down before he could address the delegates and decline.
  • In 1989, Hoover's attention of the Black Gangster Disciples began to die down as he focused solely on the Gangster Disciples, enraging parts of the BGDN's subsets and the Folk Nation.
  • There was some grumbling amongst Essex supporters at his signing, but this appeared to die down after his first season, when he topped the Essex 2005 List-A batting averages and was third in the number of wickets taken.
  • Bowling further said that he banned Colling's book in order to "get the bull's-eye off Colling and let the storm die down."
  • However, by the end of World War II, pool and billiards began to die down once again.
  • Temperatures drop and winds soar during the nighttime but die down as the day approaches, when the dawn marks the beginning of a temperature rise.
  • With a hard frost, the plant will die down to the ground and grow back the following spring.
  • If on the other hand the disturbance excited on the string by the hammer were communicated to the soundboard at too rapid a rate, these vibrations would die down so quickly that we would hear little more than a tuned thud, a louder version of what is produced by hitting a note while a wadded handkerchief is firmly pressed against the vibrating part of the string next to the bridge.
  • The above ground parts (leaves and stems) of deciduous species die down when the bulb or corm enters dormancy.
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