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to die early [at a younger age than one should]zu früh sterben
to die at an early age ein frühes Grab finden [fig.] [(zu) früh sterben]
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  • It was the last album featuring lead singer Bon Scott, who would die early the following year on 19 February 1980.
  • During a bad attack the infected leaves become yellow and dry, and may die early.
  • "Space Bunnies Must Die!" Early development concepts had The main character Allison going to be part of the military.
  • Couples are separated from each other, men are forced to serve as soldiers or labourers, and their children die early as they lack proper care.
  • Socially excluded people are ten times more likely to die early compared to the general population.
  • As a result of this, Guru Nanak Ji gave Mardana the assurance that henceforth people in his clan will not die early.
  • According to the legend, princess Savitri marries an exiled prince named Satyavan, who was prophesied to die early.
  • and "Evil people will die early", prompting Chinese officials to refuse to attend a ceremonial lunch in protest.
  • based charitable organization operating worldwide, that offers free professionally taken photographs of stillborn babies and babies who die early in life.
  • Angelou expresses sadness about having already reaching milestones in her youth, and ends the poem unexpectedly by humorously and ironically expressing admiration for those who die early.
  • melanogaster" die early in their pupal stage and are unable to develop into adults.
  • The first of the nine counts to die early was Reinhard III.
  • despite knowing that the character would die early in the series.
  • Older children or adults with LAL-D may remain undiagnosed or be misdiagnosed until they die early from a heart attack or stroke or die suddenly of liver failure.
  • Affected plants first show a withering of the inner leaves, which become yellow and finally die. Early instars are pale, glassy yellowish, with a shining black head.
  • Around 80% of abandoned dogs die early due to lack of survival skills.
  • Parthenogenesis in turkeys appears to result from a conversion of haploid cells to diploid; most embryos produced in this way die early in development.
  • However, homozygotes for recessive lethal mutations are by definition non-viable, because the presence of the recessive lethal allele on both chromosomal homologs causes the organism to die early in development; an organism that is homozygous for a recessive mutation that causes sterility yields essentially the same result (i.e. ...
  • Cardiac transplantation has been performed as a treatment; however, most patients die early in life.
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