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VERB   to die away | died away | died away
dying away | dies away
died away {past-p}ausgeklungen
died away {past-p} [acoustical]verhallt
died down / away {past-p}erstorben [geh.]
sth. died down / awayetw. erstarb [geh.]
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  • The "low road" may be a reference to the Celtic belief that if someone died away from his homeland, then the fairies would provide a route of this name for his soul to return home.
  • Its unique sound involved a long-drawn-out note that began softly, rose and then died away to a whisper, a sound that became his trademark.
  • The even sharpness corresponds to the ideal of straight photography which the group espoused in response to the pictorialist methods that were still in fashion at the time in California (even though they had long since died away in New York).
  • He died away from public life in Rio de Janeiro on 11 June 1974, at 91. His body was buried in the São João Batista Cemetery.
  • Garlic can also be arranged into a ristra for drying and curing after the bulbs have matured and the leaves have died away.
  • The market died away in the early 19th century.
  • However, criticism of the redesigned building soon died away and it won major architectural awards for its design, with world leaders like British Prime Minister John Major praising it to then Taoiseach Albert Reynolds when he visited the building to meet him.
  • Three days of hype, supported by news maps showing the annexation, died away when it was revealed that the "annexation" was the result of the misreading of an American naval chart by a Philippine naval officer.
  • In 1948 Tolkien began a new version, eliminating mentions of the Sun and the Moon, and introducing the concept that Ilúvatar created the world after the visions of the Ainur died away.
  • The use of snuff increased and decreased with the rise and fall of the Qing Dynasty and died away soon after the establishment of the Republic of China.
  • The industry gradually died away with the decline of the linen industry in northern Ireland.
  • For large transformers with low winding resistance and high inductance, these inrush currents can last for several seconds until the transient has died away (decay time proportional to "X"L/"R") and the regular AC equilibrium is established.
  • The use of NDPBs continued under the Labour government in office from 1997 to 2010, though the political controversy associated with NDPBs in the mid-1990s for the most part died away.
  • Today it has all died away except the ferry that goes up the Waihou to Paeroa from Auckland, and the metal barge that comes into Kopu to pick up a load.
  • The trees and plant life died away and the peat moors on the tops were created.
  • The identity of Swampoodle died away and by the post-World War II period, even the name Swampoodle was largely forgotten.
  • A brickmaking industry began in the 1880s, but died away after the collapse of the land boom.
  • recounted from her hospital bed that she recalled bright lights and the sound of helicopter rotors shortly after she awoke amid the wreckage, and while she could hear screaming and moaning from other survivors, these sounds gradually died away during the night.
  • However, the Munich premiere of the Eighth Symphony was an unqualified triumph; as the final chords died away there was a short pause before a huge outbreak of applause which lasted for twenty minutes.
  • The practice has died away in the United States; an American with simple equipment cannot dig enough coal in a day to reach a living wage.
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