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died off {past-p}weggestorben
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Übersetzung für 'died off' von Englisch nach Deutsch

died off {past-p}
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  • Her attraction to Superman during this time had also died off, leaving Superman to Lois Lane.
  • Though most guilds died off by the middle of the nineteenth century, quasi-guilds persist today, primarily in the fields of law, medicine, engineering, and academia.
  • According to legend, Blackbeard suffered a total of five bullet wounds and twenty slashes with a cutlass before he finally died off the coast of Ocracoke, North Carolina.
  • As a result, seal hunting died off, although continuing at a low level.
  • However, mild winter temperatures in the past 15 to 20 years had encouraged the horticulture of more cold-sensitive plants such as "Washingtonia filifera" and "Washingtonia robusta" palms, nearly all of which died off during Winter Storm Uri.
  • Gold existed in only small amounts, and the indigenous peoples died off in massive numbers.
  • Despite the excitement in the Blitz community of Max3D being the eagerly awaited successor to Blitz3D, interest and support died off soon after the source code was released and eventually development came to a halt.
  • The controversy it stirred died off quickly after the December 7 attack.
  • During the decade after World War II, the IWW had two active branches in London and Glasgow. These soon died off, before a modest resurgence in northwest England during the 1970s.
  • Bryant never returned to the programme and her character had died off-screen by 2008, when returning former character Jed Stone (played by Kenneth Cope) was seen visiting Minnie's grave.
  • It no longer exists in China as its lineage has died off.
  • Another port, "Wineduke", based on the icculus code, has since died off, leaving EDuke32 the only EDuke port still in development.
  • Because the smaller finch species could not eat the large seeds, they died off.
  • On his return he would sail again for the VOC, and on one of these trips he died off the coast of Madagascar in 1625.
  • River service had been a common means of transport in London for centuries, but died off in the early 1900s, as transportation was enhanced (and river traffic somewhat blocked) with a proliferation of bridges and tunnels.
  • These are thought to have died off sometime between the 8th and 12th century.
  • Since it relied on fundamental bugs, software upgrades made systems immune to Staog. This, combined with its shot in the dark method of transmitting itself, ensured that it died off rather quickly.
  • Solomon was married in 1903 to Ada Fowler of the Kāi Tahu "iwi" and began learning the trade of sheep farmer first on leased land and then on the family holding which gradually increased in size as the other Moriori people died off.
  • While the goats and pigs have all died off, feral cats and house mice are still present.
  • The older trees gradually died off until by 2001–2002 the population stood at only one hundred.
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