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dimwitted {adj}dämlich [ugs.]
dimwitted {adj}dumm
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Übersetzung für 'dimwitted' von Englisch nach Deutsch

dimwitted {adj}
dämlich [ugs.]

Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Blonde jokes have been criticized as sexist by several authors, largely because the target is invariably dimwitted, female and sexually promiscuous.
  • She also created and portrayed Clare Fist, an ambitious, but seemingly dimwitted journalist and social commentator in her online series "Clare Fist's London", which aired on YouTube from 2 June 2015 to 6 September 2015.
  • "Blödes Heim" in German means "dimwitted home".
  • "Time" magazine gave "Scarlet Street" a negative review, describing the plot as clichéd and with dimwitted, unethical, stock characters.
  • Phil Hartman voiced Captain Blasto, an extremely muscular, alien-fighting, dimwitted captain.
  • ... This version is far more dimwitted than the original and is always trying to win Ma Beagle's approval by pulling off grand schemes that go horribly awry.) – A dimwitted beagle who is constantly hungry.
  • She is perhaps best known for her role as the dimwitted sidekick Val Toriello, on the 1990s television series "The Nanny".
  • "Mad" parodied the show as "Lizzy", where it was revealed that the collie was actually a circus midget in a dog suit, while the real Lizzy was a dimwitted mutt.
  • In 1958 Leavitt played the recurring role of the dimwitted jail handyman Ralph in the western television series "Trackdown".
  • De Stefanis died on this difficult visitation in Timișoara in 1582. Sfondrati died in poverty and dimwitted, also in Timișoara, on 17 November 1583.
  • When Pescatore decides to replace Joe in Florida with his own dimwitted son, Albert White uses this opportunity to seek revenge against Joe, whom he blames for Emma's death.
  • Dwane, his dimwitted Assistant (Nick Johne), who often tends to give away their scam.
  • Note: The entire hillbilly family speaks grammatical false English, and writes letters in false direction. Also, everyone of them is very dimwitted, bordering mental retardation.
  • Vivien's neighbors and tenants include a young couple aspiring to television success and a dimwitted teenage girl.
  • A subplot sees the dimwitted Fred fall in love with the hotel chambermaid Beth (Joan Sims).
  • John J. O'Connor of "The New York Times" describes Daria as "as sharp as B. & B. are dimwitted".
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