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SYNO discontinuous | noncontinuous
discontinuous {adj}unterbrochen
discontinuous {adj} [also math.]unstetig
discontinuous {adj}diskontinuierlich
discontinuous {adj}nicht kontinuierlich
2 Wörter
discontinuous rillsdiskontinuierliche Rillen {pl}
discontinuous variability
diskontinuierliche Variabilität {f}
3 Wörter
in discontinuous operation {adv}
im Discontinuebetrieb
discontinuous Galerkin method
diskontinuierliche Galerkin-Methode {f}
discontinuous Galerkin method <DGM, DG method>
Discontinuous-Galerkin-Methode {f}
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  • Nevertheless, an example based MT system has to apply different rules for the translation of continuous and discontinuous MWEs as it is harder to identify a discontinuous MWE in a sentence where words are inserted between the different components of one MWE.
  • The direct discontinuous finite element method is a branch of the Discontinuous Galerkin methods.
  • A SEPIC is said to be in discontinuous-conduction mode or discontinuous mode if the current through either of inductors L1 or L2 is allowed to fall to zero during an operating cycle.
  • A similar principle is used for Discontinuous Reception and discontinuous transmission in GSM mobile telephone systems.
  • Irmgard Flügge-Lotz developed the theory of discontinuous automatic control systems, and applied the bang-bang principle to the development of automatic flight control equipment for aircraft.
  • A partial function is "discontinuous" at a point, if the point belongs to the topological closure of its domain, and either the point does not belong to the domain of the function, or the function is not continuous at the point.
  • Baker also considers Hale proposed third element of non-configurationality: the existence of discontinuous expressions.
  • Autosomal or sex-linked single gene conditions generally produce distinct phenotypes, said to be discontinuous: the individual either has the trait or does not.
  • Filippov made an important contribution in the theory of discontinuous ordinary differential equations with his monograph "Differential Equations with Discontinuous Righthand Sides" (1985).
  • Discontinuous-constituent Phrase Structure Grammar (DCPSG) (distinct from Discontinuous Phrase Structure Grammar/DPSG) is a formalism for describing discontinuous phrase structures in natural language, such as verb phrases in VSO languages.
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