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doing without {adj}entbehrend
to go days without doing sth.etw. tagelang nicht tun
Hardly a day goes by without somebody doing something. Kaum ein Tag vergeht, an dem jemand nicht etwas tut.
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  • The narrator discusses what he is doing after the breakup, and when asked by various people what he is doing without his significant other, he replies that he takes each day as it comes and subsequently hopes and waits for his ex to realize that they need each other.
  • Finding their handlers could no longer control Commons, and that the goodwill that had attended Charles II at the Restoration was wearing thin, the Cabal recommended doing without them, and persuaded Charles II to keep parliament out of session with repeated prorogations.
  • The now prosperous Northern kingdoms were in a condition to undertake that task (as they had already been doing), without depending on hypothetical contributions of the incorporated Mozarabs, so it cannot be assumed that all the religious buildings and all the artistic creations are owed to these mainly rural immigrants who arrived with limitation of means and resources.
  • These circumstances were made even more difficult by voluntarily doing without modern agricultural equipment.
  • In case of a double conjunction expressing 'instead of (doing)', 'without (doing)' etc., only the first element should be preceded by a comma – except if the first element closely belongs to the first clause, in which case the comma is placed between the two conjunctions.
  • Response to commands or input should be immediate and reversible so that the user can quickly experiment and learn by doing without causing damage to the system or data.
  • The term usually implies "doing without something" or "giving something up" (see also self-sacrifice).
  • Snow returns to the campout to talk to Charming, who told her that the sword was to make her believe that she can stand up to Regina and it was all her doing without any magic.
  • By providing functionality such as embedding screenshots, storyboards or logging output, extensions provide confidence in what the test is doing without locking the test into a specific implementation.
  • A certain number of volunteers were gathered to test out if computers could function by interpreting what the individual was physically doing without actually having to touch the computer itself.
  • It does not mean doing without, but doing differently.
  • Thirteen easily reads into Wilson's answers and gets him to admit that he is planning on dating someone and Thirteen probes into what else he's been doing without House's knowledge.
  • The potential absence of Dan from all or most of season nine prompted Phil Rosenthal of the "Los Angeles Daily News" to describe it as a rare occasion where ending the show would be preferred to doing without.
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