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NOUN   durative | duratives
SYNO durative | durative aspect
durative {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'durative' von Englisch nach Deutsch

durative {adj}
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  • Reduplication is productive in verbal morphology, giving a non-future durative with the pattern "V-tharr V" (where V is a verb), having the sense 'keep on V-ing', and a future durative with "V-thururr V-thur".
  • For example, a dynamic verb may be said to have a durative aspect if there is not a defined endpoint or a punctual aspect if there is a defined endpoint.
  • "*(∅)-sḱ-éti" ~ "*(∅)-sḱ-ónti". Thematic, with zero-grade root and accent on the thematic vowel. This type formed durative, iterative or perhaps inchoative verbs.
  • Several verbs also have a durative aspect, which can occur in both forms.
  • It expresses imperfective and more specifically durative or iterative aspect: "kanīzag pad sar ī čāh būd ud ...
  • With imperfective verbs (states, durative processes, habitual situations), the markers of discontinuous past "denote situations of limited duration, which are claimed not to extend up to the moment of speech".
  • Verbs formed through reduplication have an iterative or durative interpretation.
  • It is sometimes called "durative aspect". Polish: "stałem i gadałem" – "I stood and chatted" compared with "postałem i pogadałem" = "I stood and chatted for a while" (the prefix "po-" marking the delimitative aspect in this example).
  • Uropi verbs have indicative, imperative and conditional moods, as well as a simple form, a durative (continuous) form and a perfect form.
  • This is the form where the action takes place over a duration of time. See durative aspect.
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