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duressNötigung {f}
duressZwang {m}
under duress {adv}aus Zwang
under duress {adv}unter Zwang
under duress {adv}erzwungenermaßen
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  • The duress must have been an order to do something specific, so that one cannot be threatened with harm to repay money and then choose to rob a bank to repay it.
  • "Per minas" has been used as a defence of duress to certain crimes, as affecting the element of "mens rea".
  • Dixon contended that once she presented some evidence that she acted under duress, the government should have to disprove duress in order to meet its burden of establishing the guilt of the accused.
  • Duress as a defence has existed for many centuries and originates in common law—its extension to cover duress by circumstances did not occur until the 1990s, specifically the case of "R v Pommell".
  • In the High Court, Warren J held there was economic duress. The Court of Appeal held the claimant failed to establish economic duress, since the pressure was lawful and there was no bad faith.
  • Most of the early cases relating to the development of the doctrine of undue influence related to actual pressure which was brought to bear on the victim, but which fell short of the legal requirements for duress.
  • However, an accused cannot rely on the common law defence of duress if there was an opportunity to escape from the circumstances causing duress.
  • Necessity is conduct directed at an innocent person as a result of duress or compulsion, or a threat by a third party or an outside force.
  • EWCA Civ 19 is an English contract law case relating to duress.
  • On older versions of SecurID, a "duress PIN" may be used—an alternate code which creates a security event log showing that a user was forced to enter their PIN, while still providing transparent authentication.
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