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dynamic {adj} <dyn., DYN>dynamisch <dyn., DYN>
dyne <dyn> [dated]
Dyn {n} <dyn> [veraltet]
dynorphin <Dyn, DYN>
Dynorphin {n} <Dyn, DYN>
dynamic compliance of the lung <CLdyn; CL-dyn>
dynamische Lungencompliance {f}
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  • Alterations in airway resistance, lung compliance and chest wall compliance influence "C"dyn.
  • com/wp-dyn/content/graphic/2008/02/26/GR2008022600417.html.
  • The Votadini or Gododdin are thought to have been the first to defend this site as its original Brythonic name, "dyn barr", means 'the fort of the point'.
  • square centimetres per dyne (cm2/dyn). The unit is named after David Brewster, who discovered stress-induced birefringence in 1816.
  • The definition of the abcoulomb follows from that of the abampere: given two parallel currents of one abampere separated by one centimetre, the force per distance of wire is 2 dyn/cm.
  • ... Cornish "dyn", Cumbric "*din"), and fewer perhaps from the Gaelic form.
  • In 2013, during the CMAS World Championship in Kazan, she won the gold medal in static freediving (STA) with a time of 6' 23", then obtained a medal in every discipline, including a silver in dynamics without fins (DNF) and a bronze in dynamic with monofin (DYN).
  • Dynorphins (Dyn) are a class of opioid peptides that arise from the precursor protein prodynorphin.
  • The dynemetre is an obsolete unit of torque in the CGS-system. It is based on the units dyne and metre, it is abbreviated either dyn·m or m·dyn.
  • Among the songs, hymn tunes, and anthems that he wrote was "Dyddiau dyn sydd fel glaswelltyn" (Man, his days are as grass).
  • Shear stress on embryonic mouse and chicken vasculature ranges between 1 – 5 dyn/cm2.
  • 01-30 dyn/cm2. Shear stress is generated by flowing fluid (e.g., anticoagulated whole blood or isolated cell suspensions) through the chamber over the immobilized substrate under controlled kinematic conditions using a syringe pump.
  • long dynamic apnea under ice (DYN) that was achieved on February 11, 2011, in Lake Weissensee, Austria, found entry into the "Guinness Book of World Records" for both for men and women.
  • The surface tension of liquid oxygen at its normal pressure boiling point is 13.2 dyn/cm.
  • The name is from both Gaelic and Norse, "Camas Dìonabhaig". "Camas" means "bay" in the former and the Norse element may be from "dyn" meaning "noisy".
  • For instance, the Welsh example above, "y dyn a welais" means not only "the man whom I saw", but also "it was the man (and not anyone else) I saw"; and "y dyn y rhois y llyfr iddo" can likewise mean "it was the man (and not anyone else) to whom I gave the book".
  • Vasoplegic syndrome is defined as low systemic vascular resistance (SVR index <1,600 dyn∙sec/cm5/m2) and high cardiac output (cardiac index >2.5 L/min/m2) within the first 4 postoperative hours.
  • Dynamic apnea is a discipline of competitive freediving, also known as competitive apnea.
  • The Avestan alphabet (Middle Persian: transliteration: "dyn' dpywryh", transcription: "dēn dēbīrē", [...]) is a writing system developed during Iran's Sasanian era (226&ndash;651 CE) to render the Avestan language.
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