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NOUN   a dynamic balance | dynamic balances
dynamic balance
dynamischer Gleichgewichtszustand {m}
dynamic balance
dynamisches Gleichgewicht {n}
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Übersetzung für 'dynamic balance' von Englisch nach Deutsch

dynamic balance
dynamischer Gleichgewichtszustand {m}phys.

dynamisches Gleichgewicht {n}tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • For some time, Ferranti had been contracted by J P Coats of Paisley to develop a very high speed cotton doubling frame but had been plagued for years with problems relating to the dynamic balance of tubular flyers.
  • The straddle posture is often intermediate between standing and sitting positions, allowing body weight to be supported securely, while also affording a high degree of upper body mobility and dynamic balance during vigorous or extended motions.
  • There may be a master spline which is wider than the others, so that the propeller may go on at only one orientation, to maintain dynamic balance.
  • A horizontally placed 550 cc cylinder used a dummy connecting rod that acted like a second piston in terms of making the dynamic balance equivalent to a ninety degree Vee twin.
  • Functional tests of balance focus on maintenance of both static and dynamic balance, whether it involves a type of perturbation/change of center of mass or during quiet stance.
  • Machines that combine force variation measurement with dynamic balance measurement are also in use.
  • The glucose cycle (also known as the hepatic futile cycle) occurs primarily in the liver and is the dynamic balance between glucose and glucose 6-phosphate.
  • In the latter complexes, the coordination exhibits a T-conformation, but in gold tribromide the coordination exists as more of a dynamic balance between a Y-conformation and a T-conformation.
  • Locomotion on irregular, steep surfaces require agility and dynamic balance known as sure-footedness.
  • Another innovation by Michell was his mathematical analysis of the mechanical design, including the mass and motion of the components, so that his engines were in perfect dynamic balance at all speeds.
  • Being entirely predatory and lacking any remnant plastid, their development as a phylum illustrates how predation and autotrophy are in dynamic balance and that the balance can swing one way or other at the point of origin of a new phylum from mixotrophic ancestors, causing one ability to be lost.
  • To maintain dynamic balance during the walk, a robot needs information about contact force and its current and desired motion.
  • The LOS test is frequently used to quantify this distance and has been suggested as a hybrid between static and dynamic balance assessment.
  • Static balance is mostly concerned with a game's rules and elements, everything, that is set before a game or match starts. Dynamic balance conversely describes the balance between players, environment and computer opponents and how it changes throughout the game.
  • The frequency ratio between recessive and dominant S alleles, reflects a dynamic balance between reproductive assurance (favoured by recessive alleles) and avoidance of selfing (favoured by dominant alleles).
  • There are three semicircular canals angled at right angles to each other which are responsible for dynamic balance.
  • Maintaining the dynamic balance of stem cell pools requires several conditions.
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