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dynamic binding [programming technique]
dynamische Bindung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'dynamic binding' von Englisch nach Deutsch

dynamic binding [programming technique]
dynamische Bindung {f}comp.
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  • This particular use of the CRTP has been called "simulated dynamic binding" by some.
  • Late static binding is a variant of binding somewhere between static and dynamic binding.
  • Common Lisp has numerous standard dynamic variables, and so threads cannot be sensibly added to an implementation of the language without these variables having thread-local semantics in dynamic binding.
  • One example of this form of extensibility is object-oriented application frameworks which achieve extensibility typically by using inheritance and dynamic binding.
  • It has been argued that static coupling metrics lose precision when dealing with an intensive use of dynamic binding or inheritance.
  • Use of an interface also leads to dynamic binding and polymorphism, which are central features of object-oriented programming.
  • A synergistic deformation mechanism of the proteins through strong anchoring and formation of dynamic binding sites on mineral nano-platelets were seen.
  • A Church–Turing machine is a digital computer that encapsulates the symbols in a thread of computation as a chain of protected abstractions by enforcing the dynamic binding laws of Alonzo Church's lambda calculus or any centralized, precompiled operating system, but also the superuser, removing all default machine privileges.
  • DNA-PAINT has been further extended to use regular dyes, where the dynamic binding and unbinding of a dye-labeled DNA probe to a fixed DNA origami is used to achieve stochastic single-molecule imaging.
  • In C++, late binding (also called "dynamic binding") refers to what normally happens when the [...] keyword is used in a method's declaration.
  • 0 lacked any kind of mechanism for dynamic binding or polymorphism; this has been remedied with the introduction of functions as first-class values in XQuery 3.0.
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