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dynamic dataBewegungs­daten {pl}
dynamic datadynamische Daten {pl}
double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory <DDR-SDRAM>
[Schreib-Lese-Speicher mit doppelter Datenübertragungs­rate]
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  • 1995 was the first deployment of cellular Eftpos in NZ, by Dynamic Data Systems.
  • 0, released in 1990, was an evolution of the original Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) concept that Microsoft developed for earlier versions of Windows.
  • Linear hashing (LH) is a dynamic data structure which implements a hash table and grows or shrinks one bucket at a time. It was invented by Witold Litwin in 1980.
  • TeXnicCenter can tell Acrobat to close an opened PDF file before recompiling it with LaTeX using Dynamic Data Exchange calls.
  • Its general effect is that the program text consumes no writable memory, saving it for dynamic data, and that all instances of the program are run from a single copy.
  • An important application of recursion in computer science is in defining dynamic data structures such as Lists and Trees.
  • This sort of capability was also supported by Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), which never became popular due to being too low-level.
  • In computing, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a technology for interprocess communication used in early versions of Microsoft Windows and OS/2.
  • Rasmol can communicate with other programs via Tcl/Tk on Unix platforms, and via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) on Microsoft Windows.
  • Note that BCPL defined a "dynamic data item" for what is now called an "automatic" variable (local, stack-allocated), not for heap-allocated objects, which is the current use of the term "dynamic allocation".
  • Each record consists of a set of fields, which hold the record's static and dynamic data and specify behaviour when various functions are requested locally or remotely.
  • A controllable balise is connected to a Lineside Electronics Unit (LEU), which transmits dynamic data to the train, such as signal indications.
  • Template engines are often used in modern Web application to display dynamic data.
  • Another option is to assign a contiguous block to each processing unit and update it dynamically, but this requires dynamic data loading.
  • Inter-process communication automation includes the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and RealTimeData (RTD) which allows calling a Component Object Model (COM) automation server for dynamic or realtime financial or scientific data.
  • The most common are Dynamic Data Exchange: although strongly deprecated by Microsoft, this is a common method to send data between applications running on Windows, with official MS publications referring to it as "the protocol from hell".
  • Chan developed a simpler algorithm that avoids the need for dynamic data structures and eliminates the logarithmic factor, lowering the best known running time for d ≥ 3 to [...].
  • To create dynamic data, the library functions [...] and [...] are used to obtain and release dynamic blocks of data.
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