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dynamic frictionBewegungs­reibung {f}
dynamic friction
dynamische Reibung {f}
dynamic friction
Gleitreibung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'dynamic friction' von Englisch nach Deutsch

dynamic friction
Bewegungs­reibung {f}

dynamische Reibung {f}phys.tech.

Gleitreibung {f}tech.
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  • PTFE shows one of the smallest coefficients of static and dynamic friction, down to 0.04.
  • One source of friction in a fluid bearing is the viscosity of the fluid leading to dynamic friction that increases with speed, but static friction is typically negligible.
  • The distinction between static and dynamic friction is made in Coulomb's friction law (see below), although this distinction was already drawn by Johann Andreas von Segner in 1758.
  • It also features a higher coefficient of dynamic friction, is softer and has a slightly lower tensile strength than PTFE and PFA.
  • Note that "μ" can be the coefficient for static or dynamic friction.
  • Brake linings are composed of a relatively soft but tough and heat-resistant material with a high coefficient of dynamic friction (and ideally an identical coefficient of static friction) typically mounted to a solid metal backing using high-temperature adhesives or rivets.
  • If this water is removed, by extreme drying, the rock minerals do not behave at all as expected: they exhibit no "fault healing" or dynamic friction.
  • The former is concerned with static friction (also known as "stiction") or "limiting friction", whilst the latter is dynamic friction, also called "sliding friction".
  • The mechanism of slip-stick motors rely on the inertia in combination with the difference between static and dynamic friction.
  • In collaboration with Ares Rosakis at Caltech, Lapusta is co-leading an National Science Foundation research project that aims at coupling rigorous computational tools and laboratory earthquake experiments to elucidate the fundamental nature of the dynamic friction laws and frictional slip modes across scales.
  • This fluid provided smoother shifting and less gear noise by with higher dynamic friction characteristics.
  • The dynamic friction of the spinning tire against the road causes significant amounts of the tire's rubber to be deposited onto the road surface, and increased temperature from friction usually creates dense white smoke.
  • From the slip amplitude and the source duration, it was suggested that this earthquake began as a breaking of a strong asperity with low dynamic friction, had high stress drop, and was stopped by large friction around the asperity.
  • These two categories of friction are respectively termed "static friction" and "dynamic friction".
  • One of the approaches is the 3D finite element modeling for regions in the crust with ruptures occurring on fault planes controlled by dynamic friction and looking for conditions that are required to sustain the observed heterogeneous characteristics of stress and slip in cycles of earthquakes.
  • Before a ski can slide, it must overcome the maximum value static friction, [...] , for the ski/snow contact, where [...] is the coefficient of static friction and [...] is the normal force of the ski on snow.
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