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ADJ   dynamical | more dynamical | most dynamical
SYNO dynamic | dynamical
dynamical downscaling
dynamisches Downscaling {n}
dynamical systemdynamisches System {n}
dynamical theory of heat
dynamische Wärmetheorie {f}
measure-preserving dynamical system
maßerhaltendes dynamisches System {n}
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  • For a dynamical systems' approach to discrete network dynamics, see sequential dynamical system.
  • His book "Nonlinear Oscillations, Dynamical Systems and Bifurcation of Vector Fields" (with Philip Holmes) is an extensively cited work on dynamical systems.
  • The two-dimensional dynamical plane can be treated as a Poincaré cross-section of three-dimensional space of continuous dynamical system.
  • In mathematics, especially in the study of dynamical systems, a limit set is the state a dynamical system reaches after an infinite amount of time has passed, by either going forward or backwards in time.
  • Harry F. Olson helped popularise the use of dynamical analogies in the audio electronics field with his book "dynamical analogies" first published in 1943.
  • Dynamical systems theory presents itself as an alternative to computational explanations of cognition.
  • A Hamiltonian system is a dynamical system governed by Hamilton's equations.
  • This field of study is also called just "dynamical systems", "mathematical dynamical systems theory" or the "mathematical theory of dynamical systems".
  • In the study of dynamical systems, a delay embedding theorem gives the conditions under which a chaotic dynamical system can be reconstructed from a sequence of observations of the state of a dynamical system.
  • In the theory of dynamical systems, a map denotes an evolution function used to create discrete dynamical systems.
  • In the theory of dynamical systems, the exponential map can be used as the evolution function of the discrete nonlinear dynamical system.
  • The mathematical disciplines of combinatorics and dynamical systems interact in a number of ways.
  • For discrete-time dynamical systems, the orbits are sequences; for real dynamical systems, the orbits are curves; and for holomorphic dynamical systems, the orbits are Riemann surfaces.
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