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NOUN   an eight-volume work | eight-volume works
eight-volume work
achtbändiges Werk {n}
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eight-volume work
achtbändiges Werk {n}libr.publ.
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  • Between 1993 and 1999, he also worked in the UNESCO committee that published the eight-volume work "General History of Africa".
  • His eight-volume work, Williams Annotated Code of Tennessee, commonly known as "The Williams Code", became a model for other state revisions.
  • He intended to expand upon this subject in an eight-volume work entitled "Art, Philosophy and Science of Architecture", of which his unpublished manuscript survives.
  • This eight-volume work contains the lives of Muhammad, his Companions and Helpers, including those who fought at the Battle of Badr as a special class, and of the following generation, the Followers, who received their traditions from the Companions.
  • Later works include, from 1969, a five-volume biography of Shinran (1173-1262), the founder of the Pure Land sect, and in 1983 an eight-volume work on Rennyo, a 15th-century monk who died on a pilgrimage to India.
  • John Lingard (5 February 1771 – 17 July 1851) was an English Roman Catholic priest and historian, the author of "The History of England, From the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of Henry VIII", an eight-volume work published in 1819.
  • "Systematic Theology", his eight-volume work describing this approach, was first published in 1948 and is still a required textbook for some courses at DTS.
  • The novel is an eight volume work, and is one of the longest historical novels in Southeast Asia, and known for its high literary standard and plotline.
  • Completed in 1923, her eight-volume work "Billeder af Sødalsfolkenes liv" ("Pictures from the Life of the People of Sødal") is deemed to be her most significant contribution to literature, presenting the day-to-day lives of West Jutland farmers in a late 19th century village community.
  • Devi Dutt Sharma (born 23 October 1924) is an Indian scholar and writer of Dogri literature, and is best known for his eight volume work, "Socio-Cultural History of Uttarakhand".
  • By the time of Isamu Togawa's death it was an eight-volume work extending from Shigeru Yoshida's first term as prime minister up to the government of Zenko Suzuki.
  • During 1928, Hill relocated to Philadelphia and persuaded a Connecticut-based publisher to publish his eight-volume work "The Law of Success" (1925).
  • ... 30 BC-50 AD), who interpreted Greek works in Latin, provided an early clinical description of diabetes in his eight-volume work titled "De Medicina".
  • He is best known for editing the eight-volume work "Aschehougs verdenshistorie" together with T.
  • In addition to being the author of several articles and chapters in the eight-volume work "History of the Armenian People" (1970-1984), he wrote numerous entries on notable Byzantine and late medieval Armenian political and military figures, events, regions and cities in the 12-volume Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia (1974-1986).
  • He was the publisher of "Archives dermato-syphiligraphiques de la clinique de l’hôpital Saint-Louis", and with Ferdinand-Jean Darier (1856-1938) and Raymond Jacques Adrien Sabouraud (1864-1938), was editor of "Nouvelle Pratique Dermatologique"; an eight-volume work on dermatology.
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