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eight-wire {adj} [attr.]
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Übersetzung für 'eight-wire' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eight-wire {adj} [attr.]
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  • A solid-core cable uses one solid wire per conductor and in a four-pair cable there would be a total of eight solid wires.
  • Prosecutors later added additional wire fraud charges, and the final indictment included a total of eight counts.
  • The unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is eight strands of copper wire, organized into four pairs.
  • They have had track laid and overhead wire installed for a length of two eight-car trains in each tunnel.
  • On March 9, 2000, the FBI arrested Sakhai at his gallery on Broadway and charged him with eight counts of wire and mail fraud and estimated Sakhai had made $25 million from the deals.
  • Pusser is mentioned in season three, episode eight of "The Wire" by Officer Jimmy McNulty in reference to a sheriff to whom he plans to speak.
  • Keeping the eight-abreast economy cross-section of the A300, the early A340-200/300 has a similar airframe to the A330.
  • Twenty-eight sailors and Marines, under the command of Lieutenants H.
  • The trolley shoe inserts on Toronto's modern Flexity Outlook streetcars quickly wear out in rainy conditions, lasting as little as eight hours instead of the expected one to two days for shorter older streetcars.
  • In an effort to increase reliability, Cadillac issued thirteen updated PROM chips for the ECMs, but many of these engines simply had their Modulated Displacement function disabled by dealers, leaving them with permanent eight-cylinder operation.
  • The eight foot perimeter walls were reinforced, ‘There are nine sentry boxes around the workhouse grounds, while several galvanized houses have been erected...
  • Warrington won the Lancashire League as well to make it ten pieces of silverware in eight years.
  • A reboot was published in 2015 and lasted eight issues.
  • The song reached number eight on the UK Singles Chart.
  • As the scheme name suggests, eight bits of data are transmitted as a 10-bit entity called a "symbol", or "character".
  • By the end of March 1915, the King's had eight battalions on the Western Front.
  • DTMF uses a total of eight frequencies.
  • The purlins are attached to eight T-shaped ribs (1¾ × 1¾ × ⅛ inch; 4.5 × 4.5 × 0.5 cm) set at 6 feet 0.5 inch (1.8 m) centres.
  • in diameter; eight-piston callipers are used. Rear discs are [...] in diameter with four-piston callipers.
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