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ADJ   eighty-year-old | - | -
NOUN   an eighty-year-old | eighty-year-olds
eighty-year-old {adj} [attr.] <80-year-old>achtzigjährig <80-jährig>
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eighty-eight-year-old {adj} [attr.] <88-year-old>achtundachtzigjährig <88-jährig>
eighty-five-year-old {adj} [attr.] <85-year-old>fünfundachtzigjährig <85-jährig>
eighty-four-year-old {adj} [attr.] <84-year-old>vierundachtzigjährig <84-jährig>
eighty-nine-year-old {adj} [attr.] <89-year-old>neunundachtzigjährig <89-jährig>
eighty-one-year-old {adj} [attr.] <81-year-old>einundachtzigjährig <81-jährig>
eighty-seven-year-old {adj} [attr.] <87-year-old>siebenundachtzigjährig <87-jährig>
eighty-six-year-old {adj} [attr.] <86-year-old>sechsundachtzigjährig <86-jährig>
eighty-three-year-old {adj} [attr.] <83-year-old>dreiundachtzigjährig <83-jährig>
eighty-two-year-old {adj} [attr.] <82-year-old>zweiundachtzigjährig <82-jährig>
eighty-eight-year-old [female] <88-year-old>Achtundachtzigjährige {f} <88-Jährige>
eighty-eight-year-old <88-year-old>Achtundachtzigjähriger {m} <88-Jähriger>
eighty-five-year-old [female] <85-year-old>Fünfundachtzigjährige {f} <85-Jährige>
eighty-five-year-old <85-year-old>Fünfundachtzigjähriger {m} <85-Jähriger>
eighty-four-year-old [female] <84-year-old>Vierundachtzigjährige {f} <84-Jährige>
eighty-four-year-old <84-year-old>Vierundachtzigjähriger {m} <84-Jähriger>
eighty-nine-year-old [female] <89-year-old>Neunundachtzigjährige {f} <89-Jährige>
eighty-nine-year-old <89-year-old>Neunundachtzigjähriger {m} <89-Jähriger>
eighty-one-year-old [female] <81-year-old>Einundachtzigjährige {f} <81-Jährige>
eighty-one-year-old <81-year-old>Einundachtzigjähriger {m} <81-Jähriger>
eighty-seven-year-old [female] <87-year-old>Siebenundachtzigjährige {f} <87-Jährige>
eighty-seven-year-old <87-year-old>Siebenundachtzigjähriger {m} <87-Jähriger>
eighty-six-year-old [female] <86-year-old>Sechsundachtzigjährige {f} <86-Jährige>
eighty-six-year-old <86-year-old>Sechsundachtzigjähriger {m} <86-Jähriger>
eighty-three-year-old [female] <83-year-old>Dreiundachtzigjährige {f} <83-Jährige>
eighty-three-year-old <83-year-old>Dreiundachtzigjähriger {m} <83-Jähriger>
eighty-two-year-old [female] <82-year-old>Zweiundachtzigjährige {f} <82-Jährige>
eighty-two-year-old <82-year-old>Zweiundachtzigjähriger {m} <82-Jähriger>
eighty-year-old (man) <80-year-old (man)>Achtzigjähriger {m} <80-Jähriger>
eighty-year-old (woman) <80-year-old (woman)>Achtzigjährige {f} <80-Jährige>
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Übersetzung für 'eighty-year-old' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eighty-year-old {adj} [attr.] <80-year-old>
achtzigjährig <80-jährig>

eighty-eight-year-old {adj} [attr.] <88-year-old>
achtundachtzigjährig <88-jährig>
eighty-five-year-old {adj} [attr.] <85-year-old>
fünfundachtzigjährig <85-jährig>
eighty-four-year-old {adj} [attr.] <84-year-old>
vierundachtzigjährig <84-jährig>
eighty-nine-year-old {adj} [attr.] <89-year-old>
neunundachtzigjährig <89-jährig>
eighty-one-year-old {adj} [attr.] <81-year-old>
einundachtzigjährig <81-jährig>
eighty-seven-year-old {adj} [attr.] <87-year-old>
siebenundachtzigjährig <87-jährig>
eighty-six-year-old {adj} [attr.] <86-year-old>
sechsundachtzigjährig <86-jährig>
eighty-three-year-old {adj} [attr.] <83-year-old>
dreiundachtzigjährig <83-jährig>
eighty-two-year-old {adj} [attr.] <82-year-old>
zweiundachtzigjährig <82-jährig>

eighty-eight-year-old [female] <88-year-old>
Achtundachtzigjährige {f} <88-Jährige>
eighty-eight-year-old <88-year-old>
Achtundachtzigjähriger {m} <88-Jähriger>
eighty-five-year-old [female] <85-year-old>
Fünfundachtzigjährige {f} <85-Jährige>
eighty-five-year-old <85-year-old>
Fünfundachtzigjähriger {m} <85-Jähriger>
eighty-four-year-old [female] <84-year-old>
Vierundachtzigjährige {f} <84-Jährige>
eighty-four-year-old <84-year-old>
Vierundachtzigjähriger {m} <84-Jähriger>
eighty-nine-year-old [female] <89-year-old>
Neunundachtzigjährige {f} <89-Jährige>
eighty-nine-year-old <89-year-old>
Neunundachtzigjähriger {m} <89-Jähriger>
eighty-one-year-old [female] <81-year-old>
Einundachtzigjährige {f} <81-Jährige>
eighty-one-year-old <81-year-old>
Einundachtzigjähriger {m} <81-Jähriger>
eighty-seven-year-old [female] <87-year-old>
Siebenundachtzigjährige {f} <87-Jährige>
eighty-seven-year-old <87-year-old>
Siebenundachtzigjähriger {m} <87-Jähriger>
eighty-six-year-old [female] <86-year-old>
Sechsundachtzigjährige {f} <86-Jährige>
eighty-six-year-old <86-year-old>
Sechsundachtzigjähriger {m} <86-Jähriger>
eighty-three-year-old [female] <83-year-old>
Dreiundachtzigjährige {f} <83-Jährige>
eighty-three-year-old <83-year-old>
Dreiundachtzigjähriger {m} <83-Jähriger>
eighty-two-year-old [female] <82-year-old>
Zweiundachtzigjährige {f} <82-Jährige>
eighty-two-year-old <82-year-old>
Zweiundachtzigjähriger {m} <82-Jähriger>
eighty-year-old (man) <80-year-old (man)>
Achtzigjähriger {m} <80-Jähriger>
eighty-year-old (woman) <80-year-old (woman)>
Achtzigjährige {f} <80-Jährige>
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • About one kilometre to the north is the eighty-year-old Neuland Lighthouse.
  • One of the family's great memories came in 1991 when the then eighty-year-old Raines saddled Timely Warning and watched as his grandson won the Maryland Million Classic and the Brooklyn Handicap.
  • One of the family's great memories came in 1991 when the eighty-year-old Raines saddled Timely Warning and watched as grandson Mike Luzzi won the Maryland Million Classic and the Brooklyn Handicap.
  • In May 2018, Reynolds had joined the cast for Quentin Tarantino's film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" as George Spahn (an eighty year old blind man who rented out his ranch to Charles Manson), but he died before shooting his scenes and was later replaced by Bruce Dern.
  • The album cover showed Kooper as an eighty-year-old man, decrepit and clutching a Fender Jaguar guitar.
  • He wrote a play about Thatcher's Mutually Assured Destruction policy in the 1980s, "The End of The World", a thriller about a man who seems to have ceased to exist "Nobody", an Australian set examination of greed, "Loaded" and a single drama about an eighty-year-old woman who admits to a series of brutal murders, "Mary Shane".
  • The eighty-year-old building was showing its age and in need of major rehabilitation and upgrades.
  • In "The Lighted Rooms" (2008), Mason takes the audacious step of putting an eighty-year-old woman in the grip of dementia at the center of the drama.
  • the nearly eighty-year-old Petipa presented one of his greatest ballets, "Raymonda", set in Hungary during the middle ages to the music of Alexander Glazunov, which premiered to great success.
  • In 1950, the nearly eighty-year-old McLaughlin retired from racing, selling his Parkwood Stable to E.
  • Qindil Muhammad al-Innabi - The narrator and the main protagonist, he is the son of an eighty-year-old man, Muhammad al-Innabi, who fell in love with a seventeen-year-old girl, Fattouma al-Azhari.
  • The eighty-year-old pontiff's health began to decline in August 1654.
  • China blocked by police protest over ineffective drug treatments, cancelled meetings on HIV groups, closured office of the AIDS organization, and detained or put under house arrest prominent AIDS activists such as 2005 Reebok Human Rights Award winner Li Dan, eighty-year-old AIDS activist Dr.
  • Pieter Runnels, an eighty-year-old member of the island council and captain of the civic guard, did not survive the rough treatment he received aboard Rodney's ship.
  • After a delay of one day due to the need of the frail eighty-year-old Thích Tịnh Khiết to rest from the long journey south; Diệm's committee met with the Buddhists on 14 June.
  • Landis and her husband of over forty years, Steve, an actor and slack key guitar player, claim to share their eighty-year-old home in Long Beach, California, with the ghost of writer Upton Sinclair.[...] The childless couple (by choice) also have a home in Hawaii where they now live full-time.
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