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enumerable {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'enumerable' von Englisch nach Deutsch

enumerable {adj}

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  • The effective version of the lemma's statement, "every consistent computably enumerable theory can be extended to a complete consistent computably enumerable theory," fails (provided Peano arithmetic is consistent) by Gödel's incompleteness theorem.
  • Enumerable forms of the pigeon hole principle can now be proven, e.g.
  • From the previous lemma, the set of finitely satisfiable sentences is recursively enumerable.
  • Any "axiomatizable" fuzzy theory is recursively enumerable.
  • A degree is called "recursively enumerable" (r.e.) or "computably enumerable" (c.e.) if it contains a recursively enumerable set.
  • In computability theory, a Friedberg numbering is a numbering (enumeration) of the set of all uniformly recursively enumerable sets that has no repetitions: each recursively enumerable set appears exactly once in the enumeration (Vereščagin and Shen 2003:30).
  • The question to ask then is: do there exist languages which are recursively enumerable, but not recursive? And, furthermore, are there languages which are not even recursively enumerable?
  • If "A" and "B" are computably enumerable sets then "A" ∩ "B", "A" ∪ "B" and "A" × "B" (with the ordered pair of natural numbers mapped to a single natural number with the Cantor pairing function) are computably enumerable sets.
  • This implies in particular that every recursively enumerable set is enumerable by some [...] -function.
  • Recursively enumerable languages are closed under Kleene star, concatenation, union, and intersection, but not under set difference; see Recursively enumerable language#Closure properties.
  • A set "A" of natural numbers is called creative if "A" is recursively enumerable and its complement [...] is productive.
  • A set [...] is called "many-one complete", or simply m-complete, iff [...] is recursively enumerable and every recursively enumerable set [...] is m-reducible to [...].
  • A language is computably enumerable (synonyms: recursively enumerable, semidecidable) if there is a computable function [...] such that [...] is defined if and only if the word [...] is in the language.
  • Shore's density theorem: Let "A", "C" be α-regular recursively enumerable sets such that [...] then there exists a regular α-recursively enumerable set "B" such that [...].
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