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VERB   to enumerate | enumerated | enumerated
enumerating | enumerates
enumerating {adj} {pres-p}aufzählend
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Übersetzung für 'enumerating' von Englisch nach Deutsch

enumerating {adj} {pres-p}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • DXGI provides objects to handle tasks such as enumerating graphics adapters and monitors, enumerating display modes, choosing buffer formats, sharing resources between processes (such as between applications and the Desktop Window Manager), and presenting rendered frames to a window or monitor for display.
  • The Malian constitution, Kouroukan Fouga, was proclaimed in 1222–1236 AD, enumerating regulations in both constitutional and civil matters. It is transmitted to this day by griots under oath.
  • Thus enumerating tie knots of "n" moves is equivalent to enumerating walks of "n" steps.
  • Katame-waza enumerating 29 grappling techniques. All of Judo's competition legal joint techniques are arm locks.
  • The difference is essentially one of performance trade-offs, in terms of which type of access will be faster: the process of enumerating the membership of a given collection (faster for groups), or the process of enumerating which collections this user belongs to (faster for roles).
  • This question has two different meanings. Enumerating up to equivalence and enumerating different matrices with same n,k parameters.
  • These identities may be derived by enumerating permutations directly.
  • Thus enumerating the residue classes is equivalent with enumerating the possible remainders.
  • The set of provably total functions is recursively enumerable: one can enumerate all the provably total functions by enumerating all their corresponding proofs, that prove their computability.
  • A type of autogram that has attracted special interest is the autogramic pangram, a self-enumerating sentence in which every letter of the alphabet occurs at least once.
  • The theme of enumerating the various classes of society as all subject to sin and damnation is related to the "Danse Macabre" theme (enumerating them, somewhat less pessimistic, as all subject to death) which first developed at about the time of the poem's composition.
  • Sarga 19: A continuation, enumerating the participants in the forthcoming battle.
  • The US Census identified the "Village of Timbuctoo" as a separate entity within Westampton Township for the first time in 1880, enumerating 108 residents and 29 households.
  • The class of additively indecomposable numbers is closed and unbounded. Its enumerating function is normal, given by [...].
  • set has at least one index, which describes the computable function enumerating the basic open sets from which it is composed; in fact it will have infinitely many such indices.
  • Ur Bau tablet AO261 mp3h9041.jpg|Ur-Baba inscription plaque enumerating the temples erected by him; Louvre collection (AO 261).
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