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VERB   to erect | erected | erected
erecting | erects
sb. erectsjd. errichtet
sb. erectsjd. richtet auf
until sb. erectsbis jd. aufrichtet
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Übersetzung für 'erects' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. erects
jd. errichtet

jd. richtet auf

until sb. erects
bis jd. aufrichtet
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The plant erects tall peduncles which support the flowers. The peduncles and umbels are brownish and the small flowers within the crinkly inflorescence are white.
  • It erects a stem which may have webby fibers and long, stiff spines.
  • "Calochortus striatus" erects a stem usually only a few centimeters tall but sometimes quite a bit taller, and a long basal leaf which may lie flat on the ground.
  • Like other swallowtail butterflies, when disturbed, the caterpillar erects its bright red osmeterium from behind the head, releasing the smell of citrus, to drive predators away.
  • 1304 - Momik erects a khachkar to the memory of metropolitan Stepanos Orbelian.
  • The clitoris erects in squirrel monkeys during dominance displays, which indirectly influences the squirrel monkeys' reproductive success.
  • There he meditates on the fate that has brought him so far, takes many pictures, erects a headstone, and salvages the yacht's engine, which he arranges to ship back to Britain to sell.
  • He helps the "Indienhilfe Kaiserslautern", which erects schools and housing for the homeless, as well as offering basic medical care.
  • Gide's novel "Corydon", which he considered his most important work, erects a defense of pederasty. At that time, the age of consent for any type of sexual activity was set at thirteen.
  • Antal Horger published the tale "Erős János", wherein a lazy youth of about twenty years old begins to display his great strength in comical episodes: he erects two beams of a house, captures a bear and brings it back to his employer, etc.
  • At Easter Redruth Baptist Church erects a lit cross on the outcrop behind the Castle overlooking Redruth. For many years a Christian sunrise service has been held on Easter Sunday.
  • Tristram erects a tent to camp overnight in his garden. Soon after, he finds Jerry and Gloria in it.
  • Each Comisión fallera erects a large "Falla" and a children's one.
  • Hevenor Bros. erects an addition on their north side of the store at the corner of Main and Atlantic streets and The Republican moves into its second home in Salamanca.
  • "Clarkia lingulata" erects a spindly stem rarely exceeding [...] in height and bearing sparse narrow leaves.
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