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ADJ   eremitic | more eremitic | most eremitic
SYNO anchoritic | eremitic | eremitical | ...
eremitic {adj}einsiedlerisch
eremitic {adj}
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Übersetzung für 'eremitic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eremitic {adj}

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  • The earliest form of Christian eremitic or anchoritic living preceded that of being a member of a religious institute, since monastic communities and religious institutes are later developments of the monastic life.
  • is a medieval Catholic book in the contemplative and eremitic tradition of the Carmelite Order, thought to reflect the spirituality of the Prophet Elijah, honored as the Father of the Order.
  • The Christian eremitic vocation has the same purpose, as the name hermit applied to those that embrace it indicates.
  • His idea was to unite the ascetic advantages of the eremitic life to a life in community, while avoiding the dangers of the former.
  • Traditionally some plain garb recognizable as a religious habit has also been worn by those leading the religious eremitic and anchoritic life, although in their case without conformity to a particular uniform style.
  • Though the eremitic life would eventually be overshadowed by the far more numerous vocations to the cenobitic life, it did survive.
  • Many Aghori gurus command great reverence from rural populations and are widely referred to in medieval and modern works of Indian literature, as they are supposed to possess healing powers gained through their intensely eremitic rites and practices of renunciation and "tápasya".
  • The Skete monastery system is thought of as a middle path of monastic life because it is a middle ground between extreme isolation that is exemplified by the anchorite eremitic lifestyle, and it is less communal than coenobitic monastic system.
  • ... from Latin "papa", via Old Irish, meaning "father" or "pope") were, according to early Icelandic sagas, Irish monks who took eremitic residence in parts of what is now Iceland before that island's habitation by the Norsemen of Scandinavia, as evidenced by the sagas and recent archaeological findings.
  • A male eremitic monastery was founded at the site in the 7th century, that was subsidiary to the Abbey of Farfa.
  • A church at the site had been built around the tomb of St Isaac, a Syrian eremitic monk who supposedly came to a mountain around Spoleto in the 6th century.
  • In eremitic orders like the Carthusians, the room called "cell" usually has the size and look of a small house with a separate garden.
  • Romuald's reforms provided a structural context to accommodate both the eremitic and cenobitic aspects of monastic life.
  • In fourth century Egypt, Christians felt called to a more reclusive or eremitic form of living (in the spirit of the "Desert Theology" for the purpose of spiritual renewal and return to God).
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