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NOUN   an error source | error sources
error sourcesFehlerquellen {pl}
sources of errorFehlerquellen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'error sources' von Englisch nach Deutsch

error sources
Fehlerquellen {pl}

sources of error
Fehlerquellen {pl}
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  • Both of these error sources are cumulative, due to the repeated addition nature of DDAs. Therefore longer problem time results in larger inaccuracy of the resulting solution.
  • Dynamic effects and lateral fluxes are possible error sources.
  • Q15X25 uses forward error correction (FEC), and like MT63, uses time- and frequency-interleaving in order to avoid most error sources.
  • The accuracy of the resulting range measurement is essentially a function of the ability of the receiver's electronics to accurately process signals from the satellite, and additional error sources such as non-mitigated ionospheric and tropospheric delays, multipath, satellite clock and ephemeris errors.
  • Since sums of independent Gaussian random variables are themselves Gaussian random variables, this conveniently simplifies analysis, if one assumes that such error sources are also Gaussian and independent.
  • Due to the combined effects of all error sources yeast two-hybrid have to be interpreted with caution.
  • A DIY build is affected by some extra error sources in the photo-to-value conversion: photographic noise (requiring dark frame subtraction) and non-linearity in the CCD-to-photograph conversion (possibly solved by a raw image format).
  • The original discovery team later showed that this latter study appears affected by systematic error sources that may influence their findings.
  • Most of the error sources on the previous list stem from either standard instrument errors (Antenna, System Pointing, etc.) or noise from external sources measurement signal (Solar, Galactic, etc.).
  • Manual interfaces and information passed by word of mouth are potential error sources and obstacles.
  • Some of the uncertainties in the input parameters cannot be improved and will remain as error sources.
  • Binary PSP systems are used in low-speed wind tunnel environments where pressure gradients are small and error sources are more significant.
  • The comparatively low quality of the AZUSA tracking data, combined with the rudimentary stage of evaluation techniques, allowed only estimation of the total error; no isolation of individual inertial measurement unit (IMU) error sources was possible.
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