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NOUN   escheat | escheats
Heimfall {m}
escheat [archaic]
Lehensheimfall {m}
right of escheat
Heimfallsrecht {n}
right to claim escheat
Heimfallsrecht {n}
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  • Most common-law jurisdictions have abolished the concept of feudal land tenure of property, and so the concept of escheat has lost something of its meaning.
  • Similarly to England, unclaimed money will mostly escheat to the Crown who may then make further distribution.
  • It was clear that no such statute was ever needed in Michigan or in any of the western states because no possibility of reverter or escheat in the party conveying an estate ever existed.
  • In September 1583 he mediated between James Stewart, Earl of Arran and Colonel Stewart who were contesting the reward of a forfeited estate, called an "escheat".
  • ... Fiscalitas/háramlási jog/escheat), mainly revolved arourd this.
  • Webb hired Garoute to pursue litigation concerning the state escheat fund.
  • Government property sold at public auction may include surplus government equipment, abandoned property over which the government has asserted ownership, property which has passed to the government by escheat, government land, and intangible assets over which the government asserts authority, such as broadcast frequencies sold through a spectrum auction.
  • After the national escheat came into effect in 1979 both Saudefaldene and the production company Sauda Smelteverk were bought by Norwegian company Elkem.
  • To ease the tensions with Brandenburg, Duke Wartislaw entered into the Kremmen agreement. He also stipulated the escheat (reversion) of his Pomeranian lands, would he die without heirs.
  • An important incident was that of escheat, whereby the land of the tenant by knight service would escheat to the Crown in the event either of there being no heirs, or the knight's being convicted of a felony.
  • The statute did not make any provisions for the payment of compensation to the holders of the fractional interests which were to escheat to the tribe.
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