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essential vocabulary
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Übersetzung für 'essential vocabulary' von Englisch nach Deutsch

essential vocabulary
Grundwortschatz {m}educ.ling.
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  • Aramaic script and, as ideograms, Aramaic vocabulary would survive as the essential characteristics of the Pahlavi scripts.
  • Modeling effective writing is also an essential strategy, which can be done by vocalizing their reasoning for choice in vocabulary, sentence structure, and even purpose for writing.
  • He had used captured Japanese code books and other such material to draw up a list of essential military vocabulary and had arranged for two Japanese teachers at SOAS (one had been interned on the Isle of Man but had volunteered to teach, while the other was a Canadian-Japanese) to record sentences in which these words might be used.
  • It provides a required introduction to the essential visual vocabulary, concepts, and technical skills necessary for success in all the upper level programs.
  • One of the main aims of the textbook (which uses Simplified Chinese characters and Standard Chinese pronunciation) is to teach the student 400 essential characters that represent two-thirds of the vocabulary found in modern Chinese texts.
  • It determined by its delicate presence, its grace and invisible charm, the sense of what pleases or displeases in Nature as well as Art, and remained an essential part of the French critical vocabulary until the advent of Romanticism.
  • Action theory also makes essential use of teleological vocabulary.
  • Furthermore, the superior temporal gyrus is an essential structure involved in auditory processing, as well as in the function of language in individuals who may have an impaired vocabulary, or are developing a sense of language.
  • The use of anglicisms has been on the rise in recent years, and is now an essential part of the youth's vocabulary.
  • Nonetheless, it is essential in some cases to explicitly model the probability of out-of-vocabulary words by introducing a special token (e.g. ...
  • Thomson was a visionary who introduced into our vocabulary some of the essential elements of sustainable housing.
  • Contents of BBC Janala is aimed at all levels of experience with 'Essential English' for beginners, ‘Pronunciation’ for intermediaries and ‘Vocabulary in the News’ for those more advanced.
  • The use of little known vocabulary is equally an essential style trait of this novelist's work.
  • Earlier on, hearing nursery rhymes is how children begin to imitate sounds and learn to speak with a broad English vocabulary.
  • Advocates of Urdu argued that Hindi scripts could not be written faster, and lacked standardisation and vocabulary.
  • He developed the concept of including any and all sounds into the vocabulary of music.
  • In this study, youths employed simplified or incomplete proverbial expressions, lacked a diverse proverbial repertoire, and were deficient in their understanding of proper contextual usages as compared to elders who demonstrated competence to enhance linguistic expression with a diverse vocabulary of proverbs.
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