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NOUN   an external CD drive | external CD drives
external CD drive
externes CD-Laufwerk {n}
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Übersetzung für 'external CD drive' von Englisch nach Deutsch

external CD drive
externes CD-Laufwerk {n}comp.
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  • Such models can link up with an external CD-ROM drive through the parallel port on the rear (since USB ports came later as well).
  • All Network Servers feature an internal two-channel Wide SCSI-2 controller (narrow, to the CD-ROM drive, and to any hard drives which have been installed with the Apple accessory Narrow SCSI-2 installation kit), an external 25-pin SCSI-1 connector and a standard 1.44 MB "SuperDrive" floppy.
  • The built-in PD drive and the external type are sold, respectively, and both of them can read the CD-ROM.
  • The Amiga A570 is a single-speed external CD-ROM drive for the Amiga 500 computer launched by Commodore in 1992.
  • External CD-ROM drives connect via SCSI connector at the rear side of the box. The typical drive supports boot, OS install, audio. A special ROM is required to boot from for certain device types.
  • Though Apple no longer manufactures computers that feature built-in SuperDrives, the name is still used when referring to Apple's external CD and DVD drive accessory (pictured).
  • The SPARCstation 20 has two internal SCA bays, an external SCSI connector, and two bays for CD-ROM or floppy drives.
  • not including the required external ECC circuitry for data encoding, SCSI hard drive subsystem, and MS-DOS control computer.
  • "Golden Axe" is the only game in the collection that has external CD audio (aside from "Columns" but only the title screen track uses CD audio) and it uses the arcade version's soundtrack.
  • In the past, many tower cases intended to house file servers featured a locking door covering the external drive bays.
  • The HiFD was re-released in November 1999, using a USB connection for the external drive.
  • A SCSI Centronics 50/SCSI-1/Full-Pitch port is provided for connecting external SCSI disk drives, and is the most common way to connect a hard drive to an FM Towns PC.
  • Iomega also produced a line of internal and external recordable CD drives under the Zip brand in the late 1990s, called the ZipCD 650.
  • As a result, the market switched over to Parallel ATA connections for most internal drives; external drives generally use PATA drive mechanisms connected to a bridge inside the case that connects to a high-speed serial bus such as FireWire or Hi-Speed USB 2.0.
  • Many models of this type of boombox include inputs for external video (such as television broadcasts) and outputs to connect the DVD player to a full-sized television.
  • Many models of this type of boombox include inputs for external video (such as television broadcasts) and outputs to connect the DVD player to a full-sized television.
  • In 1988 the first Apple Mac emulator, A-Max, was released as an external device for any Amiga.
  • The hull bottom had a strong boat-like appearance with a pronounced recess between the upper tracks and external suspension arms with cast aluminum roadwheels and return rollers along with a single shock absorber on the first roadwheel pair.
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