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external authority
äußere Autorität {f}
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Übersetzung für 'external authority' von Englisch nach Deutsch

external authority
äußere Autorität {f}psych.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In his view it is up to each person to decide where to seek their consolation, moral compass or faith. External authority cannot act upon someone's convictions, it can only act upon their interests.
  • Such markets, as modeled, operate without the intervention of government or any other external authority.
  • Solutions in non-cooperative game are similar to all other games in game theory, but without the ones involved binding agreements enforced by the external authority.
  • Liberal Christians view their theology as an alternative to both atheistic rationalism and theologies based on traditional interpretations of external authority, such as the Bible or sacred tradition.
  • Because members of the Paulist Fathers took promises but not the vows of religious orders, many concluded that Hecker denied the need for external authority.
  • Meed posits that the traditional Russian character structure "developed individuals prone to extreme swings in mood from exhilaration to depression, hating confinement and authority, and yet feeling that strong external authority was necessary to keep their own violent impulses in check".
  • While other "Turkic nationalities emerged through a processes of detribalization centuries, the modern Kazakhs emerged instead through expansion and adaptation" under the weight of external authority.
  • The governing body of the university is its Board of Trustees, which perpetuates itself and whose members are elected freely without interference from any external authority.
  • Paranjape is critical, saying that a follower's personal discovery of Kalki does not result in freedom from external authority.
  • ... the restructuring of a bank by an external authority to that preserves its critical functions and provides financial stability), as Cyprus did not have a legal structure to close failed banks.
  • The document is notable as it assigns supreme authority in the colony to the elected general court, omitting any reference to the authority of the British Crown or other external authority.
  • Steiner hoped to form a spiritual movement that would free the individual from any external authority.
  • Meanwhile, the garrison and the castle had become extremely unpopular with the people of York, who disliked both the cost and the imposition of external authority.
  • Endogenous money is an economy’s supply of money that is determined endogenously—that is, as a result of the interactions of other economic variables, rather than exogenously (autonomously) by an external authority such as a central bank.
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