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external circumstancesäußere Umstände {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'external circumstances' von Englisch nach Deutsch

external circumstances
äußere Umstände {pl}
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  • Instead of focusing on the individual's appraisal of so-called stressors in relation to his or her own coping skills (as the transactional model does), the health realization model focuses on the nature of thought, stating that it is ultimately a person's thought processes that determine the response to potentially stressful external circumstances.
  • In law, attendant circumstances (sometimes external circumstances) are the facts surrounding an event.
  • The locals thought their calamity correlated with their lack of spiritual strength rather than external circumstances.
  • Stoicism also held that external circumstances (such as being enslaved) did not truly impede a person from practicing the Stoic ideal of inner self-mastery: It has been said that one of the more important Roman stoics, Epictetus, spent his youth as a slave.
  • The lyrics relate Morissette's intimate feelings about being judged, insecurity and self-doubt, expressing in theme and variation the desire to be sufficient in the face of changing external circumstances.
  • For example, recent external circumstances may negate the value of the sprint goal, so it is pointless in continuing.
  • Tiggy-winkle's kitchen a place of refuge, and although unlike Potter's previous stories the main character is unthreatened by other characters or external circumstances, Carpenter writes "while no external threat enters this most utopian of Potter's books, there is none the less something faintly sinister about Mrs.
  • Some external circumstances can make it difficult to implement the obligations laid down in Labour Inspection (Seafarers) Convention, 1996.
  • In 2005 Rubinstein compared large-group awareness training to certain principles of cognitive therapy, such as the idea that people can change their lives by interpreting the way they view external circumstances.
  • Attitudes towards music and the Church had changed, and external circumstances (the occupation by Napoleon's troops and the resulting financial straits) made such expensive concerts impossible.
  • In a statement released the decision was "due to external circumstances out of our team's control".
  • If the parties are under pressure (whether generated by external circumstances or internal needs), emotions may colour the exchange.
  • Autarky can result from economic isolation or from external circumstances in which a state or other entity reverts to localized production when it lacks currency or excess production to trade with the outside world.
  • In the PESTEL-framework, ecology or environment is one of the criteria to analyse the external circumstances of a company.
  • A turning point came for Keyes when he visited Trungpa at his center in Barnet, Vermont at Christmas 1970 and discussed with Trungpa the Buddhist notion that the mind's reaction rather than external circumstances creates personal unhappiness.
  • ... ", under the same external circumstances and for the same "input variables" within the experiment), those hypotheses and theories are "proven false" but the experimenter's hypothesis "is not ruled out".
  • A history will establish if the condition is acute or chronic, and if external circumstances are involved.
  • Because of the external circumstances in postwar Germany in which most of the theaters were destroyed, [...] radio drama boomed.
  • The competences of the general sejmiks were defined by precedent and custom rather than law; on rare instances when external circumstances prevented a national Sejm from being convened (such as 1511, 1513 and 1577), the general sejmiks were seen as competent to legislate on national matters.
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