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eye stalks
Augenstiele {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'eye stalks' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eye stalks
Augenstiele {pl}zool.
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  • While there is no external evidence of the worm's existence within the bird host, the invasion of the snail host involves the grotesque swelling of one or both of the snail's eye stalks.
  • It features a split-screen view of a crab's view of the underwater world in which his independently moving eyes (on eye stalks) see the world completely differently from each other.
  • This is a dance unique to this part of Cornwall and involves a long procession of couples following a band, led by two people holding up branches – the eye-stalks of the snail.
  • In most land snails the eyes are carried on the first (upper) set of tentacles (called ommatophores or more informally 'eye stalks') which are usually roughly 75% of the width of the eyes.
  • Its eyes are borne at the ends of long peduncles (stalks), while the tentacles are reduced to small protuberances at the base of the eye stalks.
  • Their heads are subtriangular, with transverse eye stalks in all genera except the African genus "Centrioncus" and "Teloglabrus".
  • The length of the eye-stalks and the form of the petasma are used in distinguishing the eight species from each other.
  • Several studies have indicated that quantifying the amount of lipofuscin present in the eye-stalks of various crustaceans can give an index of their age.
  • If the crab is becoming too large for its shell and the sun is up, the crab releases a hormone from a gland located on one of its eye stalks called the x-organ.
  • The film's iteration of Alpha 5 has a bio-mechanical look that uses darker hues of the original design's red and blue colors, with a pair of eye stalks dangling from the saucer-shaped head as opposed to a visor.
  • They have long, thin abdomens and six eyes, three on each of two eye stalks.
  • They also have six eyes, three on each of two eye stalks.
  • This hermit crab was at one time thought to be synonymous with "Calcinus gaimardii" but that species has the front half of the shield dark brown and lacks the bright blue on the eye stalks which are entirely orange, apart from a little blue on the corneas.
  • The eye stalks are long and cylindrical and the antennal scales are thorny and nearly cover the bases of the antennae.
  • Many Diptera exhibit sexual selection and several patterns of sexual shape dimorphism, such as male body elongation, eye stalks, or extensions of the exoskeleton, have evolved repeatedly in the true flies (Diptera).
  • All beholder ships allow a circuit of beholders to focus their eye stalks into a 400-yard beam of magical energy.
  • They are sexually dimorphic, with females having shorter eye stalks than males.
  • "Armases cinereum", like most decapod crabs is vertically compressed with the majority of its body being composed of the carapace; the eyes are located at the top of eye stalks, the abdomen and thorax are positioned under the carapace, and there are four legs on each side of the carapace with one claw per side positioned anterior of the legs.
  • Males of most species have eye stalks, sometimes with long pointed processes; males of some species have unusually elongated pedipalps, which in spiders function as copulatory organs; and females of some species have external portions of their genitalia strongly folded and extensible.
  • with an intriguing morphology; it shows deep, thin lateral furrows, long eye-stalks, exceeding the cephalon in length, and a tiny visual surface; its eye-stalks are about 0.5 mm in diameter; its glabella is covered in tubercles.
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