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NOUN   an eyewitness testimony | eyewitness testimonies
eyewitness testimony
Augenzeugenbericht {m}
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Übersetzung für 'eyewitness testimony' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eyewitness testimony
Augenzeugenbericht {m}law
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  • Their work included forensic studies, crime scene investigations, and eyewitness testimony.
  • With little evidence other than the eyewitness testimony of Murtha's female companion, Golob was permitted to plead guilty to second-degree assault and received a maximum term of five years.
  • Criminologists find a practical application in the concepts of facial familiarity and similarity due to the instances of wrongful convictions based on eyewitness testimony.
  • Wace's reference to oral tradition within his own family suggests that his account of the preparations for the Conquest and of the Battle of Hastings may have been reliant not only on documentary evidence but also on eyewitness testimony from close relations – though no eyewitnesses would have been still alive when he began work on the text.
  • For example, conspiracy theories are often dependent on eyewitness testimony, despite its unreliability, while disregarding objective analyses of the evidence.
  • This is the most reliable eyewitness testimony about the events surrounding her death.
  • Surviving members of the roadside patrol that was massacred gave eyewitness testimony of the killings.
  • The Reading Mercury reported the eyewitness testimony of Captain R.L.
  • The main objective in most of these articles was eyewitness testimony which examined the viability of said witness testimony.
  • Weapon focus is a factor that heavily affects the reliability of eyewitness testimony.
  • The prosecution's evidence included eyewitness testimony from Franklin's daughter that she had witnessed the murder, based on a recovered memory which was unearthed during a therapy session a year before the trial.
  • Eyewitness testimony has produced a number of different descriptions.
  • For example, eyewitness testimony even of relatively recent dramatic events is notoriously unreliable.
  • The prosecution case relied almost entirely on eyewitness testimony.
  • On the night of 13/14 November 2006, a large serac collapse occurred from the hanging glacier, which swept away several tents at Camp III, killing six climbers (3 European, 3 Sherpa). Eyewitness testimony indicates that Camp III had not been sited in an unusual or abnormally dangerous spot, and that the serac fall was of such magnitude as to render the specific placing of the tents at Camp III irrelevant.
  • The validity and upholding of eyewitness testimony is an area of forensic psychology that does veer closer to criminal investigations, though does not directly involve the psychologist in the investigation process.
  • Eyewitness testimony is frequently unreliable, or subject to conflict or outright fabrication.
  • John the Lydian asserts that the Cappadocian extracted money from his victims and gives an eyewitness testimony to the execution of one such victim.
  • Evidence of this actually occurring, however, is largely based on unreliable eyewitness testimony rather than conclusive physical evidence; most historians believe Earhart and Noonan would have had no reason to attempt to come to Mili, and if they had, they would have run out of fuel before making it in any case.
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