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ADJ   fast | faster | fastest
NOUN   faster | fasters
SYNO faster | quicker
faster {adj} {adv}schneller
faster {adj} {adv}rascher
faster {adj} {adv}rasanter [ugs.]
2 Wörter
any faster noch schneller [in Verbindung mit Verneinung oder Frage / Möglichkeit]
to walk fasterschneller gehen
3 Wörter
faster than light {adj}
faster than light {adv} {adj} <FTL> [postpos.]schneller als das Licht [nachgestellt]
John the Faster [John IV, Patriarch of Constantinople]
Johannes der Faster {m}
4 Wörter
at a faster pace {adv}schneller
at a faster pace {adv}mit schnellerem Tempo
at a faster pace {adv}mit höherer Geschwindigkeit
to make sb.'s heart beat faster [also fig.]jds. Herz schneller schlagen lassen [auch fig.]
5+ Wörter
faster than (the speed of) sound {adv} {adj}
schneller als der Schall
He should have driven faster.Er hätte schneller fahren müssen.
It happens faster / quicker than you think.Es passiert schneller als man denkt.
Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. Fahre nie schneller als dein Schutzengel fliegen kann.
Traffic travels faster on motorways. [Br.] Der Verkehr bewegt sich mit höherer Geschwindigkeit auf Autobahnen.
to strike up a faster paceeine schnellere Gangart anschlagen
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  • The steady pace of secularisation picked up faster and faster during the 20th century, until only pockets of nonconformist religiosity remained in England.
  • Using retrodirectivity allows for faster acquisition (up to twelve times faster) than phased array antennas, and with up to twenty-five times the power output.
  • The competing Beechjet 400A is roomier and faster but needs more fuel and more runway, while the compact Learjet 31A is faster but has less range.
  • After this tragic event, with financial help, Lebane begins to industrialize faster, and the process of industrialization has caused more versatile and faster development of the city.
  • One result of the stack architecture is an overall smaller instruction set, allowing a smaller and faster instruction decode unit with overall faster operation of individual instructions.
  • With the faster road journey to Dublin and the Enterprise's unreliability and infrequency, it has faced a loss of revenue as passengers switch to much cheaper and faster alternatives.
  • The new car is substantially faster than the older car, usually lapping about 3 seconds faster per mile of track, but the original car remains legal for SCCA club racing.
  • There are also water-based lubes that usually dry out faster but sometimes can be faster.
  • On top of that come a lot of performance improvements like faster block passing (3 times faster), faster Mutexes, faster ERB templates and improvements on some concatenation methods.
  • Microsoft promoted performance improvements such as smaller update sizes, faster web browsing in "any browser", faster wake time from sleep mode, and faster Windows Hello authentication.
  • According to Apple, photos can be shot up to 90% faster, time to first shot is now up to 25% faster, and Portrait shot-to-shot is up to 15% faster.
  • It is faster for small messages, while the two-tree broadcast is faster for large messages.
  • Druid performance was measured as at least 98% faster than Hive and at least 90% faster than Presto in each scenario, even when using the Druid Suboptimized configuration.
  • While it is possible to use desktop processors in laptops, this practice is generally not recommended, as desktop processors heat faster than notebook processors and drain batteries faster.
  • Even later (1998) Microchip Technology introduced the improved PIC16F84A which allowed for faster clock speeds (up to 20 MHz), faster programming, and decreased the current draw of the chip.
  • 8%) are polymer materials with a higher density and smaller diameter than Dacron, which results in a faster arrow speed (approximately [...] faster).
  • Here, [...] consists of binary labels [...]. When [...] it is typically faster to solve the linear SVM in the primal, whereas otherwise the dual formulation is faster.
  • The C Line takes 34 minutes to travel [...] , at an average speed of [...]. This is 31% faster than the Metro L Line, 38% faster than the Metro A Line, and 74% faster than the Metro E Line.
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