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fastest possible {adj}schnellstmöglich
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Übersetzung für 'fastest possible' von Englisch nach Deutsch

fastest possible {adj}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • By pumping with a "spike" shape, the expected action is the fastest possible bolus for that type of insulin.
  • With a large enough fleet, the winning boat will generally be the one that finds the fastest possible way around the course.
  • 1 It is calculated with the fastest possible durations between the towns.
  • Since K-independence can prove a hash function works, one can then focus on finding the fastest possible such hash function.
  • The INAF/OAS Bologna pipeline processes the data in the fastest possible way, but it generates alert within 0.5–1 hour from the time of the last GRID event acquired in orbit.
  • Galil's real-time algorithms are the fastest possible for string matching and palindrome recognition, and they work even on the most basic computer model, the multi-tape Turing machine.
  • The "cap time" is the time it takes the local pacesetter to tuck from the start to the finish of their course without going around gates, and is the fastest possible time down the venue.
  • The desired objective of an appropriate schedule is to ensure drying lumber at the fastest possible rate without causing objectionable degrade.
  • These lines tend to use the fastest possible way to get out of Helsinki, usually through motorways.
  • In 2008 he examined greyhounds, thoroughbred horses and human athletes trying to find their maximum running speed. He predicted the fastest possible time for men's 100 metres will be 9.48 seconds.
  • The plates produce an extremely large surface area, which allows for the fastest possible transfer.
  • These all have to be driven in the correct sequence and at the fastest possible speed, without dislodging any of the knock-down elements.
  • All the bidders proposed competitive tariffs, but Ooredoo Maldives was investing heavily to deliver new services in the fastest possible time thus succeeded the competition.
  • In order to promote the game, fans attending the race weekend were able to try and set the fastest possible lap time of Silverstone on a simulator.
  • The aim of the qualifying round is to simply set the fastest possible time out of all the teams.
  • EU Council Decision 2007/845/JHA obliges Member States to set up or designate national Asset Recovery Offices (AROs) as national central contact points which facilitate, through enhanced cooperation, the fastest possible EU-wide tracing of assets derived from crime.
  • The adoption of narrow gauge was controversial at the time, and was largely predicated by the government's desire for the fastest possible construction timeframe at least cost.
  • Speed cubers use muscle memory when attempting to solve puzzle cubes, such as the Rubik's Cube, in the fastest possible time.
  • In a January 2020 interview with "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", Nordhaus claimed that achieving the 2°C goal of the Paris agreement was "impossible", stating that "even if we make the fastest possible turn towards zero emissions, [...] will continue to accumulate in the atmosphere, because we cannot simply shut down our economy".
  • Emergency vehicles are usually given right of way in traffic, and may be exempted from certain basic road laws to reach their destinations in the fastest possible time, such as driving through a red traffic light or exceeding the speed limit; however, this is almost always done with emergency lights and sirens on, to alert traffic that the emergency vehicle is approaching.
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