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SYNO FCC | Federal Communications Commission
face-centered cubic <fcc> [Am.]
flächenzentriertes Gitter {n}
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face-centered cubic <fcc> [Am.]
flächenzentriertes Gitter {n}chem.mineral.
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  • A copy of the Assignment Application is available for public inspection on-line at www.fcc.gov, or can be viewed in person during regular business hours at: the WBZR Studios located at 301 North Main Street Atmore Al right behind Coleys heating and ac.
  • Close packed surfaces such as the fcc (111) tend to have higher diffusion rates than the correspondingly more "open" faces of the same material such as fcc (100).
  • Note, that other and significantly differing values have also been reported in the literature. Hence, the database for the fcc-hcp–vapor triple point should be further solidified in the future.
  • It can be shown that the fcc structure can be extended by a half unit cell in order to make it look like a cuboctahedral structure.
  • In another example, iron transforms from a body-centered cubic (bcc) structure called ferrite to a face-centered cubic (fcc) structure called austenite when it is heated.
  • It can be represented as a face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice with a two-atom basis or as two interpenetrating face centered cubic lattices.
  • In fcc metals, slip is almost always dominant because the stress required is far less than twinning stress.
  • In solid buckminsterfullerene, the C60 molecules adopt the fcc (face-centered cubic) motif.
  • Two octahedral layers usually allow for four structural arrangements that can either be filled by an hpc of fcc packing systems.
  • Note: the term fcc is often used in synonym for the "cubic close-packed" or ccp structure occurring in metals.
  • CoCrCuFeNi is an fcc alloy that was found to be paramagnetic.
  • Solid C70 crystallizes in monoclinic, hexagonal, rhombohedral, and face-centered cubic (fcc) polymorphs at room temperature.
  • This metamaterial is a zinc blende structure consisting of one fcc array of bubble-contained-water spheres (BWSs) and another relatively shifted fcc array of rubber-coated-gold spheres (RGSs) in special epoxy.
  • Slip in body-centered cubic (bcc) crystals occurs along the plane of shortest Burgers vector as well; however, unlike fcc, there are no truly close-packed planes in the bcc crystal structure.
  • This honeycomb is represented in the boron atoms of the &alpha;-rhombohedral crystal. The centers of the icosahedra are located at the fcc positions of the lattice.
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