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feudal times {pl}
Feudalzeit {f}
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Übersetzung für 'feudal times' von Englisch nach Deutsch

feudal times {pl}
Feudalzeit {f}hist.sociol.
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  • The title was revived a few times for (short-lived) three-headed political 'magistratures' in post-feudal times.
  • In feudal times part of the Holy Roman Empire with its bishop as count, it became in 1309 one of the Capetian territories as included in the Languedoc province of the French realm, and continued to be a French province until 1789.
  • The village of Lowas in Feudal times was in the District of Vukovar a village belonging to the Eltz family. It was the home of Croats, Hungarians, Serbs, and Germans.
  • In those feudal times Sint-Oedenrode was referred to as a "Vlek" (market town).
  • Wouter Berthout van Ranst was a 13th-century nobleman, living in feudal times, and a vassal of the Duke of Brabant.
  • In feudal times, Hải Dương indicated a vast area from east of Hanoi to the South China Sea.
  • In post-feudal times, quit rents have continued to be imposed by some governments, usually attached to land grants as a form of land tax.
  • "Nō" and "Kyōgen" theatre date back to the feudal times of the Owari Tokugawa lords.
  • The cross above the line of partition is Electoral Trier’s old armorial bearing and represents Meisburg’s allegiance to Trier in feudal times.
  • The modern-day parliamentary peerage is a continuation of the renamed medieval baronage system which existed in feudal times.
  • The Zaporizhian Sich became a vassal polity of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth during feudal times.
  • Investiture is the installation of individuals in institutions that usually have been extant from feudal times.
  • Like many weapons from feudal times, maces have been used in heraldic blazons as either a charge on a shield or other item, or as external ornamentation.
  • Highly respected teachers like the 14th Dalai Lama|Dalai Lama and Shamar Rinpoche have bemoaned the practice as belonging to feudal times, and have advocated revamping the system in way that divorces the reincarnate teacher from administrative politics and allows them to distinguish themselves.
  • In feudal times, real samurai armor, "kabuto", and "tachi" were displayed.
  • Heriot is one of the many curious laws from feudal times that started because of a logical need between two parties, and persisted because a lord's customary rights tended to continue on even when their original reason no longer existed.
  • The term implied these were not constitutions subject to debate and change by a sovereign people, but orders from the only legitimate source of authority, as in feudal times.
  • In feudal times, a person would also swear allegiance to his feudal superiors.
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