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NOUN   a fiat | fiats
SYNO decree | edict | fiat | ...
fiatAnordnung {f} [Befehl, Erlass]
fiat [authorization]Erlaubnis {f} [formell]
fiatErmächtigung {f}
fiat [authorization]Genehmigung {f} [formell]
fiatEinverständnis {n}
fiatBefehl {m}
fiatZustimmung {f}
fiatErlass {m}
fiat [authorization]Billigung {f}
fiatFiat {n} [veraltet]
2 Wörter
administrative fiatVerwaltungs­vorschrift {f}
executive fiat
Ersatzvornahme {f}
fiat moneyGiralgeld {n}
fiat moneyRechengeld {n}
fiat moneyPapiergeld {n} ohne Deckung
fiat money
Fiatgeld {n}
fiat standardPapierwährung {f}
3 Wörter
fiat in bankruptcy
Konkurseröffnungs­beschluss {m}
18 Übersetzungen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A generalization of the idea of geometric borders is the idea of boundaries by which is meant any sort of boundary that does not track an underlying "bona fide" physical discontinuity ("fiat", latin for “let it be done”, a decision).
  • Angered by these developments, some farmers and other groups began calling for the government to permanently adopt fiat currency.
  • Senator Church objected to President Fords executive order, arguing that "anything a president set by fiat could be changed by fiat as well, by means of a future executive action."
  • Military fiat is a process whereby a decision is made and enforced by military means without the participation of other political elements.
  • AAX offered crypto futures contracts, spot pairs, P2P fiat trading, savings products, and API connectivity. AAX supports bitcoin trading along with support for over 20 fiat currencies.
  • Digital fiat currency is part of the base money supply, together with other forms of the currency.
  • The group argue that gold is a barrier to devaluation of fiat paper currencies and that there is a key flaw in the system of floating paper currencies.
  • The price of a commodity is set by the market as long as fiat currency (paper) is not used.
  • In 1917 Tugan published a book "Paper Currency and Metal", where he presented a theory of fiat paper currency, believing that a new stage in monetary history after the war was coming.
  • Fiat money is a type of currency that is not backed by a commodity, such as gold or silver.
  • Tunc patior tumulus fiat ut alterius.
  • Chartalists argue that deficit spending is logically necessary because, in their view, fiat money is "created" by deficit spending: fiat money cannot be collected in taxes before it is issued "and spent"; the amount of fiat money in circulation is exactly the government debt—money spent but not collected in taxes.
  • Also during World War II in the Philippines, the occupying Japanese government issued fiat currency in several denominations; this is known as the Japanese government-issued Philippine fiat peso.
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