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flammability limit
Entflammbarkeitsgrenze {f}
limit of flammabilityEntflammbarkeitsgrenze {f}
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  • For fuel tank passivation, it is not necessary to remove all oxygen, but rather enough to stay below the lean flammability limit and the lean explosion limit.
  • Lower flammability limit (LFL), usually expressed in volume per cent, is the lower end of the concentration range over which a flammable mixture of gas or vapour in air can be ignited at a given temperature and pressure.
  • Installing ventilation such that the concentration in air would be less than the flammability limit and reducing the maximum charge size of the refrigerant are other viable safety measures.
  • Lower flammability limit (LFL): The lowest concentration (percentage) of a gas or a vapor in air capable of producing a flash of fire in the presence of an ignition source (arc, flame, heat).
  • This causes the ullage fuel-to-air ratio to increase and exceed the lower flammability limit.
  • Common signs of imminent backdraft include a sudden inrush of air upon an opening into a compartment being created, lack of visible signs of flame (fire above its upper flammability limit), "pulsing" smoke plumes from openings and auto-ignition of hot gases at openings where they mix with oxygen in the surrounding air.
  • Alcohol fuels have a low-flammability limit (LFL) that is higher than hydrocarbon fuels, which means they do not catch fire easily, even when spilled.
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