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free peoplesfreie Völker {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'free peoples' von Englisch nach Deutsch

free peoples
freie Völker {pl}
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  • The Tren de los Pueblos Libres (Train of the Free Peoples) was a short lived rural train service between Pilar in Argentina and Paso de los Toros in Uruguay.
  • also known as the League of the Free Peoples (...), was an alliance of provinces in what is now Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil that aimed to establish a confederal organization for the state that was emerging from the May Revolution in the war of independence against the Spanish Empire.
  • Connolly rebutted with his belief that "the only true socialist internationalism lay in a free federation of free peoples".
  • This Treaty marked the end of the war between the League of Free Peoples formed by the provinces of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe against Buenos Aires.
  • The Declaration called for the "willing cooperation of free peoples" so that "all may enjoy economic and social security".
  • Truman told Congress that "it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures."
  • The Ents appear in "The Lord of the Rings" as ancient shepherds of the forest and allies of the free peoples of Middle-earth during the War of the Ring.
  • Taking charge of the Fellowship (comprising nine representatives of the free peoples of Middle-earth, "set against the Nine Riders"), Gandalf and Aragorn lead the Hobbits and their companions south.
  • He promoted the idea that such a tower could be used to "hot wire” limitless non-polluting energy from solar panels deployed in space and free peoples on earth from dependence on greenhouse gas-emitting energy production.
  • Frederick Kempe, President and CEO of the Atlantic Council, said it was "an effort to rally and reinvigorate 'free peoples' around the world".
  • For the Free Peoples side, the common basic strategies are "tank", "choke", "minion wounding" and "mass healing".
  • The One Ring was forged by the Dark Lord Sauron during the Second Age to gain dominion over the free peoples of Middle-earth.
  • In 1814, Artigas organized the Liga de los Pueblos Libres ("League of the Free Peoples"), of which he was declared Protector.
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